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Feng Shui Forecast for Snake- Year 2017

1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013

2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Snake  

Those born in the year of the Snake can get a rewarding period for themselves in 2017, marked by the seal of success.  

The configuration of the Fire Rooster Year’s elements are in favor of the Snake, creative and positive energies are favorable. The activities and long-term committed tasks will eventually bring happiness and considerable advantages to those among all Snakes who persevered in hardship. 2017 can be marked by the significant reduction in disputes and conflicts within the family.  Nevertheless, the Snake’s capability to save the money gained throughout the year will depend on the need of comfort and fulfillment.  

Fortune is coming because Rooster works with the Snake. Acknowledgments, rewards, bonuses, and lucky romance are designed for you in 2017. The Snake is usually feted and enjoys recognition in 2017. It is the time to shed your skin and reborn! All Snakes must contribute at their jobs and save money. Snakes are not spared from effort during this Rooster year 2017.  

The Snake’s Component chart shows excellent energy in every three of the major dimensions of the chart, which promises many possibilities to understand your dreams and reach your goals. The Wind Horse energy is high and it'll assist you to move along rapidly and steadily toward effective luck. Stamina and power can help you obtain fortune in 2017. The best component is that it appears this energy will help you to attract more fortune farther down the road. Life Force and Spirit Essence appear to be strong and can aid the Wind Horse energy too. A solid Lung Ta encourages you to go after success by working significantly harder than normal, since everything can be aligned to bring you greatness.  The  Wind Horse will help you catch success luck. Carry a Wind horse  key chain also. By using Feng Shui enhancers, this season will see yourself taking on ventures which will be the start of big occasions in the near future.  


The 2017 horoscope for Snake shows you have significantly more prospects for an excellent relationship this season than you experienced in quite a while, so it’s essential that don’t hide away at home. Try to be interpersonal and consider at least a few of the invitations you will be receiving. A couple of Mandarin Ducks beside your bed or on your own work desk may help you in minimizing feasible problems in your relationship. Male Snakes have an increased potential for finding someone new this season; the speed will accompany. Mandarin Ducks must be placed in your individual Yan Nian regarding to your GUA.  


Many Snakes have the knack to create money. The more they work for this, the more they will see of it. Most Snakes are very capable of making a lot of money because they are ready to make great efforts. Most Snakes are very skilled in finding solutions. Many Snakes aren’t scared to try new things for the first time.  A home-based procedure could grow to be lucrative for most. The 2017 Snake zodiac predictions implies that the Snake will experiences great changes financially. There is a large amount of energy around you for discovering new skills this season.  However, additionally, there are some ‘lazy snakes’ - these Snakes wouldn't normally reap any benefits in 2017 if indeed they do not devote time and effort, initiative and effort. You should grab the chance as soon you see it, or else you will lose it. Use a Lapis Lazuli Bracelet to greatly help increase your skills and alertness. The Harvest Hanger in the SE sector of your house or office can help increase your possibilities so you usually do not miss them.   


The Snake astrology for 2017 demonstrates some of you will be offered employment in research, detection or academy, every area which should fulfill the Snakes’ analytical mind. Snakes are ambitious which drive makes many of them successful particularly if they launch their personal business coping with crafts, or dealing with computers.   

The graceful Snake will discover a year of opportunities when it comes to business and career. Your career is encircled by positive energy. You are poised to accept positions of more responsibility and receive a rise in pay. In 2017 don’t sell yourself brief! You might have the opportunity to have the position in your career you were longing for! Display the Monkey riding Horse.  For many parts the luck will come by the hands and help of others; in other words the Snake will have noble people by their side. A Golden Fu Luk Sau in your individual Yan Nian sector relating to your GUA in your house or office could raise others’ help. The Snake’s personal networking luck may also be good for the entire year of the Rooster. Carry the Ally Snake Talisman with you usually to greatly help improve your relations with people, especially fresh acquaintances who could possibly be of help later.  

In 2017, there might be some health problems connected with heat, Place Amethyst Crystals in your individual Tien Yi sector of your bedroom to weaken these effects, as the planet earth part of the crystal would tone down the fiery heat.

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