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Feng Shui Forecast for Rooster- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Rooster

The Rooster Horoscope 2017 shows that it is the right time for rebirth, growth and transformation for the Rooster. This year brings forth a fresh twelve-year life cycle seeing that the Rooster advantages from its own energy. Roosters must still work hard, but rewards will abound this year. Affairs are in order, purchase reigns, and the Rooster rises in glory! Bravely go after all new opportunities. 2017 is definitely a year to renew and restore; replace older furnishing and enjoy a fresh wardrobe for your plumage!

Success luck will be more than typical in 2017, getting support from others and a feeling of security and balance on your behalf. This will be a self-confidence booster for you personally, because Spirit Essence is looking great. As a result, you shall think that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, and your success good luck will be high. Some challenges will confront you, but trust your instincts and stay solid in your inner self-confidence, you can overcome obstacles. A lot of your achievement is supplied by your Wind Horse energy, and since King Gesar encourages Wind Horse energy, putting a statue of him in an elevated position at your work place in the West sector might help attract and keep maintaining the achievements he provides. Jealous or competitive co-workers may make an effort to hinder your success, but adding a Water Drop Keychain or or Double Rooster against envy charm might help keep success on your side.

Unfortunately, Life Force is weak this year, meaning your energy, both physical and mental, is poor. You will need to call on all your inner strength to stay strong. Carry or wear the Increase Life Force Medallion.


The 2017 Rooster horoscope predictions shows there may be a small amount of drama in your relationship. Younger Roosters might have a noticeable modification within their love relationships because of their restlessness. If you want to sustain your current relationship, make an effort to be realistic of your partner’s wants. An Amethyst Crystal Tree in your Yan Nian sector can help in keeping peace and clear your mind.

Rooster, if you’re in a relationship currently, be sure you take period from your own busy schedule to enjoy and have fun! Your lover could be more supportive and ready to help you if you give her or him an idea of what you need. Then sit back and become surprised at just how much your lover will comfort and motivate you. 


Predictions say that your wealth luck is average this season - there won’t be anything extra to invest, nevertheless, you won’t be left in dire straits either. Make an effort to curb your spending so you might have a slight bit extra by the end of the month for cost savings. Many will try to provide you with advice this season about your finances. Pay attention to those who’ve got more success in trading than you have. Show respect to your family members by hearing their advice, but this season only pay attention to your wealthy uncle or your aunt who’s great at trading - they’re the types who know. 


The 2017 Rooster Horoscope for Career implies that a few good stars bring for you influence and opportunities in work and business. Make use of these in your favor and you may well end up much better than from where you began. There could be possible slight adjustments in your career.

In 2017 there will be work at home opportunities and financial opportunities. You will have obstacles, but nothing that may end a determined Rooster. Nevertheless, Roosters need to monitor what’s happening in the home. There may be little seedlings of problems sprouting, things that may be very easily could be solved if spotted on time. Display the Green Tara to help dissipate this energy.

You may opt to shift your job choices to a new direction in 2017 entirely, but take small guidelines in the new path as you start exploring the options, instead of tossing away the protection you have created in your present situation. You may make a lot of progress by merely working on your brand-new venture a couple of hours each week.

The Rooster’s main enhancers are the Golden Rooster with ingots and should be put into  your individual Fu Wei.

You will be a healthy Rooster through the year however, be extra cautious when you travel as there are likelihood of injuries from mishaps. Make sure to carry the Travel Protection amulet with with.

Mood swings will be more frequent and you may feel restless. Older Roosters might have a tendency to lose focus and become unsure about themselves. Use a Obsidian crystal bracelet to reduce negative feelings.

Rooster, don’t spend time dwelling on the days already gone. This is actually the beginning of a fresh 12-year routine for you. It’s period to plant fresh seeds, have big plans for future growth. Try new things and activities!

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