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Feng Shui Forecast for Rabbit- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Rabbit

The Rabbit is faced to his opposite sign in 2017, the Rooster. As a result, it's better for you to be mindful at all time and stay vigilant with your finances.

2017 Predictions warn you to anticipate challenges because the Rooster is the Rabbit’s exact opposite. The Rooster works hard and Rabbits want to relax. Prepare for a variety of difficulties in 2017, especially in the finance area. Monetary strain may bring debt. Effort is foreseen, bringing anger and frustration. The overall tone of the Rooster irritates your great sensibility. Stay relaxed our dear Rabbit!

Your horoscope forecast shows a weakened life force, Windhorse spirit and essence luck. This could cause you to quickly reduce your energy levels. It'll be essential for you to stay positive and power through as best as you can, don’t quit your plans!. Wear the  Red Jade bracelet, Try to grow your elemental luck, if not, this might keep you from reaching the good fortune that can be yours. Start the year by firmly taking actions against negativity. Encircling yourself with any kind of feng shui water energy is paramount to boosting your daily life force like the Power Talisman with the water Element or Blue Crystal water Drop. It is important that you bring the Balancing Medallion Key chain in 2017.



Elderly Rabbits should take extremely proper care of their health in 2017 and do check ups regularly. Common illnesses can take an unusual and extended period to heal. Hang a 6 Rod metal Wind Chime in the East sector of your house, and place a Brass Wu Lou in the East part of your bedroom. Besides cures to bring you wellness, you should maintain a healthy diet plan and make an effort to exercise regularly also.

Female Rabbits who expect this year should end up being extra careful especially in the late stages of the pregnancy. Carry the Medicine Buddha with you on a regular basis and be sure to hold the wind chime in the East sector of your house.



The Rabbit horoscope for 2017 implies that there will be changes in relationships, not only romance-wise but also friendships. Married couples should place a Golden Rooster in their entrance, whereas those in relationships should place a set of Mandarin Ducks in the Rabbit’s Yan Nian. This season single Rabbits should focus on their work and postpone hopes for romance.

It’s an extremely good year to expand your assortment of public and business. Rabbit, look for people you share passions with, and build friendships based on these contacts. You’ll be invited to multiple parties, and may have even a few in your house. But keep your celebrations small and familiar, along with good friends. If not you might find someone walking away with something of worth. Overall, you will gain friends who may become advocates and supporters later on. Carry the friendship charm to attract influential people. 


Rabbits moods derive from their emotional insecurities. Predictions say that sometimes job opportunities or new business might seem too great to be true, and they will be. Think long and hard prior to making any serious decisions.

Reserve money for you first, and let cash flow into your daily life to fill your wealth aspirations with time.


Rabbit, in 2017 work-wise, there will be times when you might be induced to building rash and hasty decisions. These decisions would eventually show their true outcomes, this might involve you losing profits. Wear a Jade Crystal Beads bracelet to relax your restless heart.

** Rabbit is sitting  in the East, the opposite direction of the Tai Sui, this create confrontation and brings obstacles for the rabbit born. It is a must to appease the Tai sui!

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