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Feng Shui Forecast for Ox- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Ox

Starting off with good news! This year is actually the end of an extended dull period for the Ox. This will be a  relaxed and happy year. The tasks which are under advancement will probably materialize. Nevertheless, the Ox shouldn't rest his guard, whereas a disappointment can be always appear, from your partner or a good friend.

Expect a festive and fun year, a continuation of the good fortune from the previous Monkey year, though Rooster’s influence, which required the Ox to work harder. Accomplish the most you can this 2017 and smartly pursue all options since the next 2 years will certainly be a rest period until you start a new cycle in 2020.

Ox born needs to activate its astrological location Northeast symbolized by the mountain for self-improvement luck. This location belongs to the earth element and which stands for recognition, rank and power. This season the Ox’s spirit essence will become neutral, which means that many will be feeling weak. Place a Mountain Plaque in the NE of your home or the Three Goats reaching the Hill.

Your Life Force will only be average, work hard to maintain your vitality. Your Lung Ta (Wind Horse) energy is strong and gives you success and wealth luck as well as recognition.

Display a Bejeweled King Gesar Of Ling in your home/office and carry a Wind horse Carrying Flaming Jewel Key chain to secure your Wind horse luck.



The 2017 Ox Horoscope for love demonstrates the Ox will generally have good relationships over both summer and winter 2017. Slight problems may occur due to your frantic schedule and mental stress. Place a bowl of  Rose Quartz Crystals beside your bed therefore its benefits could be channeled for you when you sleep.

Organize your year to expand your assortment of public and business connections. Find those who you share passions with, and build friendships predicated on these contacts. Ox, through this year you will reap the benefits of people you meet. You will be invited to multiple celebrations in 2017. Overall, you will gain friends who may become supporters and advocates later on.  Carry the Friendship Talisman to attract beneficial people into your live.

Your impatience will be the one thing disrupting your love life during this year. You must slow down to let somebody catch you! There will be people spreading rumors about you. Disregard these rumors as achievement breeds jealousy. Wear the Smokey quartz pendant or bracelet to deflect jealousy energy or carry the Double Rooster against envy. You can also display  the Rooster against backbiting in your work place



Mentally and physically alert Ox will generate prosperity because of the steady attempts, exceptional logical thought and extensive preparation.

In 2017, ventures involving taking some large risks and most probably any type of gambling won’t generate that profitability you’ve been craving for. Forget about failed circumstances and persevere in the true face of adversity. Place the Wealth Box in the East sector to manifest money preservation and  minimizes the risk of failing and assures enough money to survive financially.  


It’s going to be a  busy season for the Ox seeing that there are plenty of work and public engagements.  Nevertheless, you will receive assistance and help from a senior or mentor to steer you in right path in school, work and even life. Place the Jade Emperor in your individual Yan Nian regarding to your GUA number to usher issues along.

Thinking about doing charity work but never got around to do it? February and March are great months to start.

However, a full schedule usually takes a toll on your  physical and mental wellness. Ox, in 2017 there will be times when you may feel everything’s chaotic and lonely. Throughout the year deflect these negative energies wear an Amethyst bracelet. An Enriched Prosperity Wu Lou in your individual Tian Yi will help weaken the influence of physical illnesses.

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