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Feng Shui Forecast for Monkey-Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Monkey Zodiac Forecast

We’re sorry to say that the party is over in 2017. A sobering period follows the lucky possibilities. 

2017 is period to stabilize, work highly, and focus on details. Stay put and don’t chase big dreams or become overwhelmed. Avoid overextending, that may result in health problems. It is best to preserve a conservative outlook with a steady development best, which could be slightly complicated for the wily monkey.

In general, the elemental chart displays above average self-confidence and excellent success luck however your weak Fife Force keeps your brain hanging and causes you problems, you will be your worst enemy. That's where your Spirit Essence might help, giving you self-confidence and a belief in yourself as well as your abilities. As you have success you'll be encouraged to achieve even more. Enjoy your grand plans perfectly, as these could possibly be the seeds to surprising new achievement for you. As the Wind Horse is in charge of a lot of your heightened achievement, you will keep a steady momentum by putting a Wind Horse  or Bejewelled King Gesar  in your work environment. This can help call upon the energy to enable you to gain financial power. Lift your weak life force with Increase life force Medallion (Lung Ta Amulet) 


Monkeys are under love blessings shall have extremely good advancement in love relationships. Specifically, your interpersonal romantic relationship will have an excellent changes and the added close friends will improve your good fortune with the contrary sex. In case you are in a steady marriage, you might select a lucky day to carry a wedding ceremony. In case you are married, you will live a smooth marriage life through the year and also have no serious issues despite some quarrels. 


During 2017, the monkey’s financial predictions imply that if you’re between jobs, you shall not merely look for a new position, look for positions that function correctly and one that pays well and utilizes your talents. Place your resume with many prospects, be prepared when you begin receiving answers to make counteroffers to be able to make it to the perfect salary.

This year it is quite possible you should have multiple resources of income. You may start earning money through your small business, hobby, or investment. You’re always useful and witty with money, and the 2017 Chinese astrology says that this is an excellent year to lessen debt just as much as you can. You might experience tempted to renovate your house, but postpone it if possible. You might need a new vehicle, or to vacation, so save those funds to those pleasurable situations better. 


Career-wise it might not be such a smooth year. The 2017 Monkey predictions for Career says there might be obstructions to tasks and work that ultimately result in failure of projects. In case you are somebody in a high position, ensure that your guidelines to your juniors or workers are well communicated.

But this doesn’t mean you should quit. Fight on; the next half of the entire year will be slightly better although rewards will be slow to show. A Golden Carps Crossing the Dragon Gates portrays your position flawlessly. Place one in your workplace as they are thought to help out with overcoming problems and issues of this kind. In case you are in your old age you should start to see the doctor for regular check-ups, preferably through the first half of the entire year. Younger Monkeys should particularly notice what they consume and also maintain regular exercise. Make sure to stay healthy especially in February and August of 2017.

For health issues we recommend placing a Peaches of Immortality in your individual Tien Yi according to your GUA. A Brass Wu Lou in the NW part of your space and another in the NW sector of your house ( illness star) may help weaken the consequences of the annual sickness star. If your primary door opens in the NW, hang the Six Coins Ruler to your door.

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