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Feng Shui Forecast for Horse- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Horse

The 2017 forecast for Horse says that single Horses may choose to place more focus on their work or studies instead of pursuing relationships. It’s not that you won’t obtain results, but the process could be tedious and the results unpredictable. However if you want to pursue romance, place a pair of Jade Mandarin Ducks in the southwest area of your room.

The 2017 chinese zodiac also demonstrates married Horses need to be careful this season as there might be gossiping regarding your relationships. Place a pair of Ki Lins at your primary door as a deflective measure for these rumors. It is advised that female Horses should wear an smokey quartz or rainbow obsidian bracelet.

Your Life Force and Spirit Essence show to be very promising this year. Your vitality and energy assist you in your hard word, and you shall possess the confidence to trust in yourself and keep going forward. This will make a difference in fighting the feng shui #5 Yellow Misfortune Star. Your confidence will help you make clever and proper decisions and recognize opportunities if they come your way. Despite the fact that your Lung Ta (achievement luck) is neutral, your power shall push you forward. Invite Bejewelled King Gesar or Flying Horse into  your home as Feng Shui cures to invigorate your neutral achievement level. Group support and work will make a difference in 2017, so maintain a comfy and cordial relationship with co-workers. Carry a Wind horse key chain for Recognition and Success.



The 2017 Cash horoscope for the Horse claims that the Horse will enjoy better wealth luck in the second half of the year as the seeds of labor begin to bloom. You can place a Wealth Pot in the South sector as an enhancer for your kind of wealth luck.

It is a year in which you’ll end up taking some measured risks. You may want to use some unconventional methods to gain attention and to get ahead. You can do some unforeseen travelling, so set a little bit of money aside, vacations like this year you don’t want to miss!

Horse, this season financial opportunities will come from a few directions. When you have some right amount of time in your busy schedule, consider upping your skill set to boost the power coming your way.  



In order to have a fresh beginning in 2017, from last year’s down events, perform a cleaning ritual for your house and work place. As the Chinese says, out with the old, in with the brand new. Give your house and office a very fresh new start in to the new year.

Predictions say that there will be ample of space showing the world everything you can accomplish and will be recognized efforts. People will cherish you and appreciate your wittiness. Respect will surround you, but don’t let this all go to your head, be humble and you will accomplish more.

There is no gain without some pain. This pertains to the Horse during 2017. Though your projects will be recognized, you nevertheless still need to work in order to reap the rewards actually. Place the running Horses on your own work desk an invitation for more opportunities and possibilities.

Health matters will go smoothly, if you do get ill, you will heal quickly. 


The 2017 Astrology predicts that single single Horses may choose studies and work over looking for new relationships. Married horses should be careful, as there might be ugly gossip and rumors going around about your relationship. Carry the anti infidelity amulet or third party interference amulet.

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