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Feng Shui Forecast for Dragon- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Dragon  

2017 is a good happy and fulfilling year for the Dragon, so long as he understands and accepts the relevant criticisms of his close circle. The Dragon also needs to try to channel his boundless strength in to the efficient and responsible administration of his business, instead of embarking on a fresh and dangerous project.  

Dragons could have only a good moderate Life Force and Spirit Essence in 2017 and vitality and energy could run low because of this. You need to focus on having self-self-confidence and learn never to uncertainty yourself. This could be remedied wearing the Tiger Eye Bracelet.  On the other hand, your Lung Ta or Wind Horse energy reaches a high level, leading you to success, which helps increase your judgment of yourself as well as your skills. Take good thing about your superb Lung Ta and maintain momentum heading toward attaining everything you desire. This might mean points could move rapidly but be thankful for this and perform whatever you can to consider good thing about positive possibilities that fly the right path. Allow the Wind horse or Bejeweled King Gesar help you in your trip. Display the Wind Horse with Flaming Jewels to invoke the stamina.  Fortune can be sure, and the achievement that comes will become triumphant and long-lasting.


The Dragon 2017 Horoscope demonstrates you'll make a good number of new friends while maintaining good relations with old friends. Don't be shocked by abrupt offers of support; agree to them gracefully but make certain expressing your sincere gratitude for the same persons could be of support again soon. Single Dragons could find it tough to meet up someone new on 2017. Although possibilities happen to be low, a set of Mandarin Ducks next to the bed can help for anyone who is persistent in your search of the one. Those previously with an individual would enjoy soft relationships.  Sometimes you imagine yourself too busy for sociable occasions (or perhaps too tired after your long day time of work). However, in 2017, try to take the time, since it will become worth your time and effort. Think about attending some celebration, even for simply a short while. You’ll be happy with the connections you help to make at these interpersonal gatherings.


2017 is a booming coming year for the Dragon indeed, with favorable stars shining bright found in glee. There might be possibilities of marketing promotions or upsurge in salary. An excellent enhancement symbol will be a Victory Banner may help you in your street to victory!

Dragon, in case you have your own organization, you will notice quite a little bit of development and success found in 2017. You may be growing into larger marketplaces, or drilling deeper into your specific niche market. In any event, more consumers are coming.

There could be hook hiccup towards the end of the entire year with an urgent event concerning your finance. The 2017 Dragon horoscope predictions warn you that you might lose some cash unexpectedly; though it will be surprising but usually do not dread as this might be considered a very minimal setback.  Place the Preservation wealth box in the SE sector.


For all those Dragons who are employed, your leads for 2017 look quite good. Your alternatives are growing, and there's a likelihood of promotion this season. The same applies to those who personal your own organization: you will notice your client list grow. Help to attract this energy by displaying the Monkey on horse for accelerated achievement.

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