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Feng Shui Forecast for Dog- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Dog

The 2017 Dog Horoscope demonstrates that Rooster and Dog are just very different. So challenges and difficulties could occur. Rooster’s emphasis on material success and achievement set you back. Dog does not have any interest in crowing about personal accomplishments, nor fighting and pecking over trifles. In 2017 the Dog finds advancement through education and specialized training.

Elemental luck isn't very solid in 2017. It’s not really that things appear poor, but they aren't good either - simply neutral. This pertains to Lung Ta (achievement luck), Life Force and Spirit Essence. You can select to improve these areas where you are feeling you need to excel but due to your change in ideals, you might find that you are feeling confident and capable already. Carry the Balancing Medallion key chain to improve your daily Life Force and Spirit Essence. Risks will turn out very well for you whether you try hard or not, due to the blessings of the Golden Deity. The only region where the Dog may decide to fortify good fortune is in the region of the Wind Horse. This will bring success in all your life areas. Display the Wind Horse in living room. Carry also the Wind horse with Flaming Jewel key chain.  


Contrary to belief, year 2017 will not be very smooth, especially in relationships. This season love is the weakest area you will have. Perhaps you’ve been considering some areas of your relationship have to change. Or, you’re telling yourself you’d rather end up living alone. Jealousy, envy, and conflict can arise if you don’t watch your activities and safeguard your tongue. Wear the  Fluorite bracelet to control jealousy.

Single ladies may not gain what that they had expected. Your 2017 Dog Horoscope implies that new relationships might take a dive for the worse when goals cannot be fulfilled. Third parties may infringe on existing relationships, so watch out!

For Dogs who are married it really is smart to place a fierce looking Golden Rooster at your house’s main door. A Double Happiness Charm in your bedroom can improve marriage harmony. A Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet may advantage you greatly, helping you to show your feelings and keep your temper down; a likely trigger in the downfall of your romantic relationship. Look out for the weeks of April, October and July during 2017.  


Your 2017 Feng Shui horoscope predictions say that this is an extremely busy year for Dogs. You will have to plan ahead and become organized. Concentrate on what you need to accomplish, and don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked by tasks that really won’t pay off in the way you hope.

There’s a chance of you going into personal debt in 2017 if you’re not careful. You will see temptations to spend a lot of money, especially for things you’ve desired for a long period. But boats and motorcycles and land are hardly ever solid investments, and these can consume savings and emergency money. Keep it in mind.

Dogs may experience backstabbing and gossiping that could bring about legal complications. Carry the Double Rooster charm  or Gossip Deflector charm, this could bring financial loss,  although male Dogs may enjoy better profession luck by the end of the year. To achieve your goals, place the Running Horses on your work desk. Usually the Dog would very much reap the benefits of a great career opportunity by placing the Blue Carrer Buddha  in the North sector of the home.


The Dog 2017 Zodiac for career demonstrates the obstacles and difficulties in career will come from several directions simultaneously, however they won’t be something you can’t handle. Actually, in the event that you meet issues head-on, you’ll find that you will still do well financially and personally during the year.  Dogs still studying could find support in the Crystal for Study  on the study tables for better education luck. If you're thinking about furthering your education, the last half of the entire year will be a better period to commence on your own studies. Carry the Education amulet for study support.

Your well being is good this season, but don’t take it for granted. If you overdo things, you might suffer from health issues. Take a rest when needed, and consider mental breaks through the day, too. Also a few short vacation could be of great help during the year. It’s also vital that you try to suit some sort of workout into your schedule. Concentrate on actions that blend together with your passions and reap the great health benefits.

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