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Feng Shui Forecast for Boar- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Forecast for the Pig

The Pig 2017 Horoscope predicts that business rewards and financial prosperity result from Boar’s dedicated good work if you apply yourself this year. Patience and non-involvement is best concerning the problems of others. It is wise to be sympathetic and kind but not become overly involved. In 2017, the horoscope advise you to avoid Rooster chaos and take care of yourself.  


In 2017, the Pig will be able to travel especially if it is work-related. These trips may bring you to someone new and you may develop relationships. However these relationships may not be so long-lasting though they would not end up bitter and with too much expectation. 

The 2017 Pig horoscope predictions also shows that you may find someone wonderful this year and hope to start a new relationship. However, this could end just as quickly as it starts if you don’t exercise care. For you, dear Pig, Rooster years are not about baring your soul, listing your personal faults, or bringing up past indiscretion in your history. If you want this new love to grow into a true partnership, you’re going to have to show you can be trusted.  Those Pigs in existing relationships will experience an average 2017 year in their romance life. It is always better to display the Jade Mandarin Ducks.


The Pig will enjoy a relatively bountiful year in 2017; the gods are in favor of you, that is if you will. For business people there would be good opportunities for new projects, however these plans may benefit better from partnerships. A Golden Dragon in your office would be a timely contribution to the good stars. Investments and trading are likely to see good returns. A Harvest Cham placed in the South section of your home may help in better grasping these good opportunities.   

The 2017 astrology for Pig zodiac sign suggest that more money is coming your way from several sources this year. Generally, you’re very prudent with money, but sometimes you feel like, “What the heck!”, and you want to indulge yourself in a gift or two. Treating yourself is fine, but save the majority of the excess coming in this year.  


For those Pigs who are currently employed, the Pig 2017 zodiac shows that your prospects look quite good. Your options are expanding, and there is a possibility of a promotion this year. The same goes for those of you who own your own business: you will see your customer list grow.  The Year of the Rooster 2017 also brings to the Pig good news to old issues. A beneficial star will help to resolve and settle past matters, such as old debts, favors and so forth. If you had a health problem in the previous year, get your ailments checked again this year and you may see good results. Place  Fu, Luk and  Sau in the East sector of your home may help weaken any pesky ailments that wish to strike at inopportune moments.  

Those Pigs still studying in 2017, will see improvement in their studies, whereas those in their 20s would enjoy better wealth luck. Nevertheless for these two groups of Pigs 2017 it is not a year to rest on your laurels. You would still need to input hard work in order to reap your rewards. Students may want to carry The Education Amulet for education luck. 

Although your physical health will be good, there would be moments in 2017 when you would feel lonely and emotional. Wear the Rose quartz bracelet to assist in battling those moody days.

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