Feng Shui Flying Stars 2022 Chart, Cures & Forecast.


Year of the WATER TIGER

How to Decorate your Home in 2022 for greatest luck 



The annual flying star is one of the most popular formulas used in feng shui for creating maximum good luck. It is precise and accurate, easy to understand and brings great results. Flying Star uses the directions of the compass to define nine lucky and unlucky sectors of a home/office. Each year, stars do change positions and stay in the sector for the entire year causing favorable or unfavorable luck depending on the star.  By applying this simple formula, you can control the energy of each sector thus preventing bad stars causing havoc in your life or by tapping into the luck of favorable stars that bring excellent fortune.  The chart below shows the position of the stars for this year. Now you can identify which sector of your house will be affected by negative energy and which ones will enjoy good fortune.