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Complete Chinese Zodiac Forecast for the DRAGON in 2018


The DRAGON in 2018 benefits hugely from the feng shui star of 8, which brings abundance and success and also enhances your vitality. The strength of the #8 winds as ruler of the current period overrides the weaker aspects of this year’s other indications affecting your sign. So it is extremely beneficial to activate the #8 star by prominently displaying the mansion of the powerful Lord of all Protectors, the great Guru Rinpoche. This will overcome obstacles that block you from achieving all that you want. Balance the shortage of the METAL element in this year’s Annual Paht Chee chart by hanging metallic Wind chimes, and carrying the King Gesar charm to protect your weak spirit essence.


Dragon is in direct confrontation with the Tai sui this year which is seated in the Northwest facing direct to the Southeast ( dragon house). Display the Tai sui plaque in the Northwest sector and carry the Tai Sui amulet to appease the affliction.

The DRAGON in 2018 benefits hugely from the feng shui star of 8, so it is extremely beneficial to activate the #8 star by  displaying the 8 ingots metal Bowl and the great  Guru Rinpoche, powerful Lord of all Protectors.

Wear the Dzi 4 with to overcome obstacles that block you from achieving all that you want. 


There is a direct conflict with the Dog, the ruling animal sign for 2018 and the Dragon. Therefore it will take some smart planning and thinking for the Dragon to get through the year. You will need to think intelligently as well as focus on your skills, since you should not rely on your instincts this year. Navigating through the year on hunches will not be a good idea, plus, staying low-key is advised so that you are not a negativity magnet.

Success will not come easily for Dragons, you will need to work carefully and diligently, as well as plan out your moves to gain accomplishments this 2018.


Your spirit essence is very low this year, which can cause some nerve-wracking situations and stress. Dragons will be very vulnerable to negative and dark energy this year, this could weaken your immune system and bring sicknesses. Make sure you are staying away from stressful situations as much as possible. Your lack of confidence because of the weak spirit essence will bring feelings of uncertainty, and this can cause emotional distress which can lead to health issues. Carry or wear the Lung Ta amulet to raise your spirit essence

18, 54 and 78 year old Dragons will have the best health luck during 2018

6 and 66 year old Dragons will also experience some kind of protection from illness, but don’t hesitate to act upon anything that may be happening to your body.


The #8 Prosperity Star and the Star of Big Auspicious will bless your 2018 with lots of prosperity luck when activated. Activate the Big Auspicious Star or clip the Tai Key Big Auspicious charm into your bag or briefcase. This is your year for financial success, for some moments you will gain much wealth and, for others, it may not be as much. So be careful and plan out your investments, you could hit the jackpot at any time! Your low lung ta may damage your success luck a bit. However, there won’t be any danger of money lost this year. Remember use common sense and intelligence when making investments. Reap the benefits of this blessing and attract it with powerful enhancers.

Dragons who will need to worry about wealth are 66- year-olds, cutting back on spending and saving money will be the smart thing to do. You can also activate the southeast sector visited by the #8 star of wealth by displaying the Mountain of Gold or The Wealth God sitting on a tiger.


Because of the #8 Prosperity Star on the Dragon’s side, you will feel pleased, confident and comfortable enough to pay attention to love matters. So a very auspicious year awaits in love! For those whose desire to find the right one or to build a great foundation,  keep focused on your relationship, make sure you don’t let your mind wander into other areas of your life. The best thing you can do, is to avoid any flings or shallow romance if you know it won’t become a long-term relationship.
Physical attraction will not be satisfying for Dragons during 2018, you will be looking for something more deep and meaningful, and you can for sure accomplish it. Display a couple of Mandarin Ducks or the Double Happiness Symbol in the South/Southwest sector.