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Create an Energetic Feng Shui garden with these Tips and Cures


A Feng Shui garden is one of the best ways to begin incorporating Feng Shui at home. It creates beneficial Chi in your environment through harmony and balance, and it should follow nature's lead as much as possible.  

Water features such as pools, ponds and fountains are beautiful and encourage beneficial chi, they also symbolize prosperity and create Yin (feminine) energy. To create balance, which is the key to creating an ideal Feng Shui garden, you can add more Yang (masculine) energy to the garden by using garden lights on the garden’s dark areas.

Sound elements are another highly effective Feng Shui technique that can be incorporated into your garden. They are quite effective at clearing old, negative energy from a space while bringing in new, fresh chi. Ringing sounds are the most powerful, and wind chimes, bells and gongs make excellent additions to any garden. You can choose a nice wind chime to implement in your garden to energize it.