Feng Shui Bracelet.

Feng Shui Bracelet

The feng shui bracelet is very popular among people who want to attract good luck in money and financial matters. This bracelet follows some basic rules related to the pixiu meaning.

A good feng shui bracelet must have been made of good quality materials to attract wealth. Imitation and cheap representations of bracelets made of faux materials do not represent nor support the Pixiu bracelet's purpose and energy. Money attracts money. A good quality bracelet aligned with the Pixiu energy served to attract wealth and good fortune in money matters.

We invite you to visit our Feng Shui Bracelets and see the quality "difference."

Our bracelets are made in-house ( no the Chinese imitation currently offered on the market)

We produce our bracelet with genuine obsidian, and 18K-24K gold plated Pixiu. Dazzling, beautiful, and elegant when worn. Free custom size and resize if needed, 100% quality guaranteed. All our products are cleansed and energized before shipment.

Unique Feng Shui™ is a dedicated feng shui store established in the USA since 2001.