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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for the Boar in 2018


The BOAR in 2018 must compensate for its weak life force and spirit essence by wearing powerful energy amulets and seed syllables that bring the vitality and vigor needed to jump start your inner lung ta, which is strong. Best is the OM pendant to jump start good fortune. This brings SUCCESS chi energy your way and will augment the powerful winds of victory brought by the #1 star of the feng shui chart. This is year when going for a series of small successes brings an accumulation of good fortune and ultimate victory for the big prize. You need to strengthen the presence of METAL element around you to manifest financial success this year! The recommended cures for enhancing this luck in 2018 is to display the 3 Warrior Flags of Victory in your office or Northwest of your home, as well as seeking the assistance of the powerful and victorious King Gesar.

Also, carry the Victory Enhancing Amulet to bring on the success of this star, as well as placing the Victory Banner in the Northwest of your home or office.


Luck for Boars during 2018 is varied. The best thing that Boars can do throughout this year is to focus more on the positive and the great outcomes that anything can have, other than focusing on the negative. If you focus too much on the negative you might feel depressed and this will interfere with your achievements. There will be some luck flying your way since your sector is next to the NW, the DOG, which rules the year, take advantage of these good news!

Your windhorse element looks good, so activate your lung ta and life force with the Wind Horse to stay up! This way, you are letting the Feng Shui winds blow victory your way.

Negativity may want to overcome you at times, but don’t let a pessimistic attitude ruin your dreams. Your business and career luck looks good, but you will need to put your best mind-set to work to accomplish everything you want. Place the Green Tara on your office desk or in your career sector so that she may assist you in focusing and achievements, you can also wear the DZI Lined bracelet for achievements.

Careful with the #7 Star that will be visiting you, protect your assets and belongings by carrying the Anti Burglary key chain for 2018 and placing Star #7 cures in the East, especially if your entrance is in this area.


Health cures and amulets will be necessary for the boar during this year. For most, health luck will not look too good. Carry or display the Garuda. A very powerful cure this year is the Metal Wulou with Garuda. Seek the assistance of the Medicine Buddha by placing him in your health area or by your side while you sleep.

23, 47, and 83 year-old will be the ones who have better chances at dodging any type of illness this year. Use enhancers to activate this luck.

35 year-old presents an average health with the necessity of always paying attention to anything that may be happening in your body.

11, 59, and 71 year old boars will have to be extra cautious and not let their immune system weaken. You will need to display health cures as well as carry amulets with you to protect your health.


If activated, your wealth luck looks amazing! Finances are in good shape and success will be right around the corner for many Boars.

23, 47, 59 and 83 year olds should keep going forward and not be stopped by any obstacles that may be presented. Wealth and prosperity look to be better than any other year.

11 and 71 year olds will have average financial luck throughout the year, activate your assets with Feng Shui cures. Especially the Wind Horse amulet and figurine.

35 year old Boar’s wealth luck looks bad and they will have to face the possibility of great loss. Carry and display enhancers to protect your assets, especially the Nanbu Wealth Lock coin and the Anti Burglary Amulet. Investments and big moves will need to be carefully planned out, no risks can be taken. You can also display or carry the Camel amulet which protects you from financial difficulties.

Keep your finances rising with Wealth and Success Amulet and displaying the Golden Wealth pot in your office or wealth area at home.


Boars have the possibility of falling in love in spite of looking to the past. Maybe your last serious relationship was with the wrong person and the experience wasn’t so favorable, especially if you didn’t feel ready to have a committed relationship just yet. This year, if you are looking for a partner, try not to base it on any other past experience that didn’t go too well. Try something new!

If you are a young Boar, take the time to figure what you truly need in a partner before venturing off on another one or two unsuccessful relationships.

It will be very important for Boars to carry or display Love Enhancers to enhance your love luck and love life.