Feng Shui 2022 for Rooster


According to your Chinese horoscope and Feng Shui analysis for 2021, the Roosters’ element luck looks exceptionally promising this year as the Rooster enters another magnificent year, and some amazing signs from the 24 Mountains deliver you not one, but TWO Big Auspicious Stars! Your Life Force and Spirit Essence, two of the most significant types of luck, are both exceptional, and your Success luck is also extraordinary. Whatever plans you put into action and the objectives you set out to achieve will be fulfilled with relative ease.

The Rooster sign has a bright future ahead of it, thanks to your inherent personality and hard working attitude.

This year's Flying Star chart brings the #7 Loss Star. This, combined with the Yi Duo Star, which amplifies both good and bad luck as it comes in, will be your greatest obstacle this year. When it comes to luck navigation this year, the Rooster's primary strategy should be to maximize the possibilities that come your way while suppressing the dangerous Loss Star #7 in your chart.

You have very good Life Force and Spirit Essence levels, indicating that the next year will be fantastic for you. These are the most significant of the element luck categories since there is nothing you can't conquer if you have great inner fortitude. Life Force and Spirit Essence keep you going to the very end, so you may complete what you start when your other luck indicators are favorable. And when your other luck indicators aren't looking so good, having a strong inner strength helps you manage whatever obstacles that come your way.

Carrying the Life Force Amulet and the "Om" Dakini Spirit Enhancing Amulet  is the best way to take advantage of this good fortune.

Since the Rooster horoscope 2022 is blessed with the best Success Luck conceivable, any goals you set for yourself this year should be easy to achieve. If you're blessed with this type of good fortune, don't set your sights too low! Aim high enough so that your accomplishments will be worthy of celebration when you achieve them.

However, it is important to keep in mind that like other forms of luck, you need to activate it. Placing potent luck-inducing symbols throughout your home is the most effective strategy to activate your success luck. The Victorious Windhorse Carrying A Jewel or Red Windhorse for Success Luck is this year's top-rated success booster.

In your Flying Star chart, the #7 Robbery/Betrayal Star indicates that you will suffer financial setbacks, whether as a result of your reckless behavior, such as excessive gambling or risk-taking, or as a result of becoming the victim of theft or vandalism. Petty thieves and other small-time criminals may easily prey on your business, and you run the danger of being defrauded by both your staff and the ones you trust the most. This affliction is a warning not to put all your faith in other people. You may be duped, disappointed, or defrauded by individuals you put faith in. Do not fall victim to con artists that provide offers that seem too good to be true. Think twice before trusting people with your money and also keep an eye out for staff who behave strangely. Keep a closer eye on all aspects of your life. Don't make it easy for people to take advantage of you.

In 2022, roosters should be more cautious about parking their cars and walking alone after dark. They should pay closer attention to the contents of their briefcases and backpacks when out after dark. They will have fewer problems with theft if they do.

Do not make yourself an easy target for thieves. Don't leave valuables in your car. Use your street smarts to avoid dangerous situations with other people.