Feng Shui 2022 for Rabbit


The Rabbit in 2022 has some extremely positive indicators, with a strong element luck chart and several excellent stars from the 24 Mountains. However, the year's Flying Star chart contains the Quarrelsome Star #3. So, the major thing you need to resist this year is your urge to quarrel. Avoid getting caught up in pointless arguments and miscommunication. Feng Shui forecast 2022 reveals that both the Small Auspicious and Big Auspicious appear in your chart and this implies small triumphs that lead to larger accomplishments, and you also have the Star of Golden Deity, which signifies strong mentors who will assist you to achieve success. This year, the Rabbit has a lot to look forward to, and not much to worry about!

You have a great deal of Success Luck this year if you have well-thought-out objectives, regardless of where you are in your life's journey. Keep going and don't quit even if you're feeling low on the Life Force scale. Anyway, a lack of life energy is unlikely to stand in your way since your Spirit Essence is at a high level

This year, take the time to think about what motivates you, whether it is a higher income or getting into an institution of your choosing, or something else. The more motivated you are, the more likely you are to achieve your objectives.  Use the Sky Horse With Flag Of Success or Red Windhorse for Success Luck to trigger your good fortune this year.

You must focus on boosting your Life Force so that you do not 'give up' before the mission is completed. As a result, all Rabbits this year are advised to carry the Life Force Amulet or Life Force Amulet. If you've got a strong Life Force, you'll have the willpower and desire to complete what you start, as well as the energy to start chasing your goals in the first place.  


The #3 Quarrelsome Star emerges in your east sector and is quite powerful this year. The #3 star makes others find fault with you, engaging you in pointless arguments, and making you more aggressive and combative.

It's possible that in 2022, you may unintentionally spread a destructive or unpopular opinion. An adversary this year might create a lot of headaches, so you don't want to make any unnecessary enemies. Feng Shui forecast 2022 advises you to back off in every scenario. In 2022, the less controversial you are, the better off you will be.

In 2022, rabbits should be on the lookout for anything involving the law. Your adversaries may take legal action against you because you have the #3 Hostile Star affliction. If you've been served with a lawsuit, it's best to settle out of court rather than fight it out in court.