Feng Shui 2021 TIGER


Only one Tiger faces potentially bad health issues this year, and that is the 47-year-old. It’s necessary to take better care of yourself by eating better, getting enough sleep and going to a doctor if you aren’t feeling well, rather than waiting. Be mindful of problems before they turn serious. Do not overwork. Take time to rest and recharge. Carrying or wearing health amulets is strongly suggested.

The 35 and 95-year-old Tigers have moderate, neutral health luck and the 11, 23, 59, 71 and 83-year-olds enjoy good health prospects for the year.

Any Tiger experiencing neutral or poor health ratings in 2021 would benefit from the help of the Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity, who can help ease the suffering that can come from poor health or illnesses. Another way to invoke health blessings is to display the Golden Feng Shui Wu Lou to absorb ill health brought about by weak element luck.

Carry or wear also a health amulet Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet Keychain or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet to enhance health luck. Hang the Amitabha Buddha chime for Health luck or display the Blue Medicine Buddha or Plaque in your bedroom. Hang or carry a Wu Lou amulet in your car to make sure you are fully protected from contagious illness energies wherever you travel.



According to Tiger's 2021 horoscope forecast, some Tigers can look forward to high prospects for increased wealth luck in 2021. These are the 35, 59 and 95-year-olds. Finances should flow smoothly, and you can invest or become involved in financial endeavors with confidence. Display the Wealth Tree in your main living space for maximum benefits.

For the 47 and 71-year-old Tigers, wealth luck is precarious. Avoid risky money endeavors such as investments and do all you can to preserve the wealth you do have. It’s not the year for spending freely since expenses could arise that will drain a certain amount of your finances. The Asset Wealth Bull and the Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Keychain can offer some protection against money loss.

As for the 29 and 83-year-old Tigers, wealth luck is neutral – no major gains or losses.

Those with poor or neutral Wealth Luck should display Bejeweled Vasudhara with Gold Ingots- Goddess of Wealth and Abundance in their home or office. You should also carry a Treasure Chest Dharani Keychain, or wear a Money Hook Dzi bracelet.



Young, 11-year-old Tigers do well with studies if they can maintain focus. To encourage this, the 13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda will enhance the possibilities for the best educational luck possible. Carry the Scholastic Amulet Keychain.
For the 23-year-old Tiger, learn to stay the course and not be discouraged if things don’t immediately go your way. If you’re continuing your education, or entering the workplace, make sure you’re going in a direction you truly want. If you aren’t sure of your path yet and take a job for experience, don’t let the salary get you down – think long term.

There is good news for the 35-year-old Tiger, with opportunities lining up. However, because things are going well, jealousy surrounds you. Call on the Blue Evil Eye Anti-Jealousy Golden Key Ring or Anti Evil Eye Bracelet for protection against envy.

It might be best for the 47-year-old Tiger to concentrate on their home life rather than just thinking of career goals. It’s a good time to pay attention to the personal or spiritual aspect of your life you’ve pushed to the side in the past in pursuit of money. Learn to conserve when it comes to money.

Perhaps the luckiest of Tigers in 2021 is the 59-year-old. It’s a time of major opportunities – go after them with enthusiasm. Carrying the God on Tiger Gold Card talisman is a recommended way to encourage all the career luck you deserve.

For the 71-year-old Tiger, you’ll enjoy a good year if you don’t focus solely on money. Celebrate other positive aspects, such as your health.

A pleasant year is ahead for the 83-year-old Tigers. Do what you enjoy – enjoy activities you feel good about, and spend quality time with family, while helping pave the way for the next generation. This Tiger can benefit from the Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity, which blesses you with a long life and good health, giving you the vitality to enjoy both.

To enhance career luck and help you move up the rank, display the Monkey riding Horse in your desk or carry the Monkey riding Horse amulet keychain. We recommend the Double Humped Camel For Business Success & Big Profits for those running a business.



The passionate Tiger enjoys a strong year. You’ll feel attractive and deserving of the attention you receive. There is a sense of strength and confidence about you that draws people to you. But you’ll need a partner who has the same qualities and strength, not someone who is timid or fawns over you.

Enhance your love and marriage luck by placing a Rose Quartz Faithful Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf  in your bedroom. If you are single and looking, wear the Tibetan Dzi rose Quartz. You can also carry a 9-Tailed White Fox Love Mirror Keychain.