Feng Shui 2021 MONKEY


Two of the 24 Mountains Stars afflict Monkeys with misfortune in 2021. To the right is the Star of Yin House, bringing the potential for a disease or sickness as well as an overall lack of strength. Those who are elderly or already have a chronic illness are especially at risk. Watch your health more carefully this year – get rest, exercise moderation in food and drink and make sure you are safe from dangerous activities. Carrying protective amulets such as Double Dorje Keychain helps ward off evil spirits who could be trying to create chaos in your life. Display the Yang Energy Amulet Plaque in the SW to overcome it.

On your left are the Facing Three Killings. This creates an atmosphere of unpleasant energy. This is a powerful and harmful aspect and should be remedied with a Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians placed in your East sector. It could also be placed in the West, as long as it faces the East.

The good news is that the Star of the Heavenly Seal is seated in the center of your chart, where it promises heavenly blessings. Help can come from a mentor or someone willing to give you a boost when you need help. Believe in yourself and trust your decisions and instincts. Carry the Heaven Seal Amulet with Chinese Character Heaven to capture the blessings of this Star.



According to Morse's 2021 horoscope forecast, most Monkeys escape any major illnesses during 2021. Neutral health luck is in store for the 5 and 65-year-olds, who can feel fairly confident of their ability to avoid serious diseases but could still benefit from taking good care of themselves. Good health should be expected by the 29, 41, 53 and 89-year-olds. The only concern comes for the 17 or 77-year-old Monkey, who is susceptible to health risks because of your poor health rating. Visit a doctor if you don’t feel well rather than waiting till a symptom becomes serious when it didn’t need to. Stay away from alcohol and philandering ways as it is bad for health.

For those with average or poor health prediction, you can ward off ill health in 2021 by displaying the Golden Feng Shui Wu Lou for Good Health in your home. Carry or wear a Feng Shui health amulet, Anti-Illness Good Health Keychain or the Medicine Buddha Pendant. Hang the Anti-Illness Wu Lou charm in your car to make sure you are protected from infectious disease energies wherever you travel.



Average luck with finances is in store for the 53-year-old, so while you may want to do better, you’ll also avoid monumental setbacks.

Good chances for financial increases are in line for the 29, 65 and 89-year-olds. You should feel secure in your finances and able to continue to grow your wealth. Display the Wealth Tree to further boost your potential. When it’s placed in your main living area it encourages maximum luck, possibly even a windfall. Carry the Windfall Magnifying Luck Coin to boost this Luck.

A word of caution is needed for the 17, 41 and 77-year-old Monkeys, whose wealth outlook is bad. Don’t do anything risky with investments or other ventures. Avoid the temptation to gamble and save your money whenever possible, since unexpected expenses could arise. It is imperative to maintain cash flow balance to avoid slipping into cash flow crisis. 

Feng Shui products to encourage money growth and preservation of wealth luck for Monkey-born with average or poor wealth luck ratings are the: the Treasure Chest Dharani Keychain, the DZI MONEY HOOK bracelet 



The very young 5-year-old Monkey is already learning and growing in knowledge. They could turn out to be highly exceptional in school – even a prodigy in their field. It’s a good time to give them the Scholastic Keychain because this Monkey is going places!

As for the 17-year-old Monkey, they’ll be tempted to work extra hard to keep up with assignments and excel at school. But all this will do is make them tired and even lower their concentration. It’s necessary to take a short break now and then and carry the Scholastic Keychain for extra luck in scholastic matters.

The sky is the limit for the 29-year-old Monkey now. You can make money, be honored in your field, and keep making career advances. Anyone running for a public office can expect support. Those who are starting their own business can do well. It’s likely you’ll look back at this year as a turning point for yourself. Keep the Hamsa Hand Anti-Gossip Amulet Keychain nearby, though, because others could be envious of your success.

For the 41-year-old Monkey, it’s better to concentrate on getting better at what you do while making plans for the future. You can try new directions or expand your business. Just think long term to avoid being discouraged if success comes slowly. It can be a steady progress, though.

It's not the time for the 53-year-old Monkey to take risks with their money. Overspending will not be kind to you when you discover unexpected expenses arising. Put money aside to cover these expenses and you can have a good year. Carry the Red Chest Celestial Guardians keychain to preserve your income. 

The 65-year-old Monkey may be, or want to be, slowing down a bit but there is still success luck to be had. It’s also a good time to begin spending more quality time on your personal dreams and desires rather on a chase for career success.

It’s time for the 77-year-old Monkeys to seek happiness away from just running a business or going after money all the time. You may have dreams you want to achieve and it’s great to try new things but use caution you don’t harm your health along the way.

To get ahead in your career/business using Feng Shui symbols, display a Dragon Tortoise near where you work, and carry a Education & Scholastic Keychain. 



Monkeys will be so busy in so many areas of their lives that romance might not take center stage this year. The presence of the Quarrelsome Star does give your mood a negative hit and you won’t attract admirers by being feisty or impatient with them. Your confidence may be so strong that you could come off cocky to some people. The Monkey already in a relationship could be so driven that they’ll want their partner to be the same way, and this could harm the partnership. The Monkey wanting to deepen a relationship should practice patience and understanding for best results. Those who find a partner who shares their ideals can enjoy happiness. If not, you could be a hard person to get along with.

Improve good luck in the love, romance and marriage department by placing a Pair  Mandarin Ducks for Love in your bedroom. Wearing the 2 Eye Tibetan Old Dzi bead bracelet  enhances your attractiveness and likelihood of an ideal partner appearing in your life. You can also carry a 9-Tailed White Fox Love Mirror.