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Dragon Carp Crossing the Gate

Dragon Carp Crossing the Gate

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Carp are believed to stimulate the ability to overcome insurmountable challenges and reach immense heights of power and wealth. They are said to bring many kinds of luck: educational luck, career luck, prosperity luck and luck in literary pursuits. If you are looking to improve your career and need extra courage, the carp is the symbol to help boost your spirits. It said a brave carp who swam upstream against the powerful force of the Yellow river over waterfalls and rocks all the way to the source, to pass through the Dragon Gate and it was rewarded by being transformed into a dragon. In Feng Shui dragons are the ultimate emblem of good luck.

Ways to use the Dragon Carp:

  1. Enhance its power by placing it near any water features you already have in your home, like aquariums, ponds or waterfalls
  2. Display it prominently in entrance ways, halls, family or living rooms to invite wealth luck and money luck for your family
  3. For strength in the workplace, this Carp Crossing the Dragon Gate serves employees, bosses and managers alike. It represents personal growth and good money-making opportunities. It draws out your most capable character attributes to give you the competitive edge.
  4. Place in the sector where the #4 Flying Star resides to benefit the academic prowess of school-going children or college students of the family.
  5. To purify the journey of your career path and open up clearer channels to success, place this Feng Shui symbol on the North corner of your office desk.
  6. For help in studies and educational luck, Carp Crossing the Dragon Gate in the North East corner of the desk will inspire you with their energy of overcoming and enduring great challenges to achieve your goals.

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