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In the year 2022, the Dragons’ health will be good. They may, however, experience depression and stress in their daily lives and at work, resulting in body fatigue on occasion. Those with gastrointestinal issues, in particular, may experience a recurrence of their illness. However, the family’s health should receive more attention. The main perpetrator of the ominous star signs “Yue Sha” and “Sang Men” will have negative consequences for the family’s women. As a result, the Dragon men should be aware of and pay special attention to their wives and mothers’ health. The Dragons aged 10, 58, and 70 are in excellent health. The health ratings of the 46-year-old Dragons are neither good nor bad. 
Those who are 22 years of age, 34 years of age, and 82 years of age in 2022 should take extra care with their health. Feng shui horoscope forecasts reveal that these Dragons have to be particularly careful about their health. Still, COVID-19 is likely to pose a threat. Keep your guard up, even if you've been vaccinated. If you haven't had the opportunity to be vaccinated, you should do so. There are additional health problems related to the back, hips, and thighs for these Dragons.

Love Relationship

This year, their love and relationship fortunes will be relatively stable and steady. In the guise of misfortune or adversity, the single Dragon men may receive a blessing. They will meet someone who can help them release and get through the low points of their lives, and they will gradually get together. The year 2022 will be a year that requires giving and devotion in relationships for the Dragons. When two people date for a long time, the Dragons should not be too stingy with money, and they should take the initiative to pay the bills. They should also give gifts to their partners on occasion, as these are ways to improve intimacy and relationships. This year, Dragons who are not single may face some challenges, and they may have quarrels with their partners over trivial matters.


The Dragons’ financial fortunes will not improve in 2022. It is already acceptable and satisfactory if their income can cover their basic expenses this year. Some of them may also be able to purchase a home or relocate. Despite the fact that this is a happy occasion, it will have a financial impact. It’s also possible that they’ll run into financial difficulties after purchasing a home. As a result, if the Dragons want to invest in a business, take out a loan, or deal with other matters, they should think it over carefully. 


The Dragon guys’ overall career luck will be put to the test in 2022. This year, they may be very perplexed, particularly at the start of the year; they may feel lost and unsure of where they should go. Dragons, on the other hand, should not be discouraged. They will get some good opportunities in 2022, thanks to the patron of the Guo Yin (stately seal) lucky star, but it will also put the Dragon guys’ abilities to the test, because such rising and promotional opportunities require a certain price in exchange, such as a job/duty transfer, or leaving home. They should think things through carefully when presented with opportunities and avoid making rash decisions based on impulse.  



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