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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for the Dog during 2018


This year Dog sign is directly benefited by the Tai Sui residing into the Dog Location (Northwest) however,  people occupying a room in this location needs to face the southeast (opposite direction) in a way to have the Tai Sui on the back to receive support instead confronting him. Getting the Tai Sui into your side, it is very helpfull and brings good luck. Carry also the Tai Sui key chain to get support and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the NW.

The DOG in 2018 enjoys the powerful victory feng shui star of #1, which brings winning chi. Patriarchal energy benefits from qui ren or benefactor luck, as this is your year. As the central dominating energy of the year is 9, this creates the sum-of-ten combination with the Victory Star in the Dog sector. You also benefit from the strong support of the TAI SUI. This compensates for the low level of your personal lung ta, hence strengthening the power of the TAI SUI is especially important. Manifest prosperity this year! 


There will be many benefits in store for the Dog during 2018. Feng Shui winds coming your way hold some small but very impressive outcomes.
The Tai Sui or the God of the Year, when pacified supports all DOGS. The presence of the Nobleman will let the good fortune keep flowing your way. Go to your NorthWest sector and pacify the Tai Sui with the Tai Sui Plaque or the Pi Yao. More info on the Tai Sui here.

The Lung Ta and Spirit Essence don't look too good for you this year, however, due to a strong life force you will see success in moderation and you will need to work hard to gain more fortune and rewards.
Be open minded with your activities, you have a trustworthy victory energy backing you up! Display the Wind Horse to lift your spirit. 

Place the Tai Kat Tai Ley in the Northeast of the living room to enhance the luck of the small auspicious star which will also be visiting you. It is advised that you carry the Annual Amulet Keychain 2018 with you at all times. 


The best health go for the 24, 48 and 84 year olds.

36 year-old Dogs will have average health.

12, 60 and 27 year old Dogs will need to look out for illness to strike at any moment.
Most probably in a dramatic way, which can cause you to lose your Victory Luck, which is the most beneficial for you this year. As soon as you are feeling something, even though small, take action immediately. Carrying Health Talismans such as Wulous and Garuda are great for any Dogs suffering from health. Stock up on Feng Shui cures!


Since the Lung Ta is not at its full force during 2018, wealth may not come towards you in a big way. But money loss is very unlikely.

24, 48,50 and 83 year old DOGS can expect good wealth luck. But don’t take any risks, try to plan out your investments and look at the big picture instead of going after something that might be dangerous for your wealth luck.
This does not mean you should avoid investing, just be mindful. You have the Victory Star on your chart to support you. To take advantage of this amazing and victorious energy this star brings display the Three Victory Flags and carry the Victory Enhancing Talisman. Also, carry the Victory Banner key chain to enhance your career luck for 2018. The Power Elephant is also a great symbol for your working area.

12 and 72 year olds expect an average wealth luck. Expect moderate financial outcomes.

36 year old are to be the most prudent of all.  An excessive lifestyle can result in big financial losses, try to cut back on your spending habits and take care of your assets. Carry the Nanbu Wealth Lock and the other wealth attractors mentioned above. An important cure for the Dog and wealth this year is the Wealth God Sitting on a Tiger in the SouthEast. 


Love and romance look great in 2018 for all Dogs, it will bring happiness and joy into your life. The Tai Sui will help you accomplish your search of love.The God of the year is in your corner, don’t hold back on expressing the way you feel, be confident!

The victory Star is in your sector, she can also assist you in victorious relationship and in romantic relationships. There could exist some rivalry with someone else for the fondness of someone you like, but you are capable of winning over. Remember, activate your Victory Star!

During 2018 you will be very focused on experiencing love with the right person, you will be absorbed into winning over romance, this determination will help you succeed.

If you’re looking to settle down with “the right person”, this could be the year it happens! An engagement or marriage is very likely for Dogs this year. Facilitate the attraction of love and long-lasting relationships with Mandarin Ducks, Double Happiness Symbols and Rose Quartz items.