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DOG 2021


Lucky Number: 0, 5, 2, 7
Lucky Color: Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple


In the Ox year 2021, the heavenly stem Xin (辛), a metal element, will be good for work income of you Dog people. Additionally, both Ox and Dog are associated with earth and this will benefit the career and health of you people born in the Dog years. Since Dog and Ox punish with each other, you will punish Tai Sui, have the 2021 horoscope affected a lot and even feel repressed in many aspects. Together with the inauspicious stars, your overall horoscope can be rather bad and the limited good luck will be stifled by the adverse impact. 

According to your Chinese astrology and Feng Shui forecast for 2021, a mixture of luck is in store for the Dog in 2021. While nothing is exceptionally bad, it won’t be your most outstanding year, either. You’ll be given opportunities but will have to be patient to see rewards from them. Don’t be discouraged and don’t let others spoil your efforts by comments they make. It’s best to stay away from non-supportive people. Appease the God of the Year early on with available feng shui remedies to ward off the worst of the energy in the air. Extra attention must be paid to your money, the chance of betrayal (even by someone close to you), or infidelity. Watch your back and trust a bit less for best protection. 



An average amount of element luck greets the Dog this year. The worst of this luck is found in terms of spirit essence, where you’ll need to work hard to boost your confidence and avoid self-doubt. You might let others criticize you too much otherwise. Wearing the Five Elements Obsidian bracelet can strengthen this element and keep you enthusiastic about carrying on. Element therapy in the form of increased Earth energy enhancers also helps low spirit essence. Many people use crystal balls, natural crystals and precious or semi-precious gems to tap into the Earth energy and bring a positive influence. We recommend you wear additional natural crystal bracelets based on your zodiac sign or crystals of your preference. 

Your success/lung ta element is neutral at best and determines the level of success you’ll achieve. A lot depends on you and how ambitious you are. Don’t expect opportunities to magically appear. If you want something, go after it. Raise your Success Luck by displaying the Red Windhorse for Success Luck in your home/office and carrying the Life Force Amulet.

The good news is that your life force is looking good and you will have the vitality and determination needed to pursue what matters most to you. 



The inauspicious #7 Robbery/Loss/Betrayal Star puts a damper on the Flying Stars chart for the Dog. It’s located in your Northwest and could indicate a betrayal of trust. Watch out for get-rich-quick schemes or other ways someone could take advantage of you. Even someone you are close to - friend, loved one, or a co-worker - could turn on you. A physical robbery is also a dangerous effect of the #7 Star. Carry the 15 or 28 Hum Protection Amulet. The best Feng Shui cure suggestion for your safety this year is the Blue Elephant and Rhino With Talisman Feathers and Anti-Robbery Amulet or Anti Robbery Plaque. Place it in your Northwest sector at home to ward off an intrusion, because it could lead to a loss of belongings, not to mention loss of your sense of calm. 
You could get cheated and conned this year. The Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet or Anti Robbery Amulet with Blue Rhino & Elephant can be used by anyone who feels a partner might be unfaithful to them, whether it’s of a business or personal nature. You can also wear the Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) to weaken the element of the #7 Star. Stick Anti Burglary and Violence Window Stickers where appropriate. 
This year, the threat of something evil such as black magic could be thrown your direction, so protect against this with the 10 Hum with Magic Syllable Keychain.   



Two negative stars are unfortunately present in the 24 Mountains chart for Dogs in 2021. To your right is the Facing 3 Killings, threatening harm in three different ways. Money loss, loss of your good reputation or the loss of a loved one are tied to this star. To subdue this negativity, place the Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians in the East. It can be placed in the West as well as long as it faces the East.

The Wu Duo Misfortune Star, while not threatening major loss, can still be an unlucky star for the Dog. It lands in your center now. Carry the Golden Stupa against misfortune.   
On a positive note, the Small Auspicious to your left can bring about small doses of achievements in business. Don’t be discouraged by this – see each achievement as a stepping stone that will lead you toward increased success as time goes on. Lay the groundwork for bigger goals. Know that success can come slowly and display the Wealth Bull For Activating Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious to make the likelihood of victory more likely.

The Dog is in indirect conflict with the Tai Sui in 2021 and could be “punished” if rules are not obeyed. Don’t take risks and watch what you say or do to avoid arguments. Display a Feng shui Pair of Golden Pi Yao in the Northeast. You should wear a Natural Obsidian Pi Yao Bracelet for luck and Protection to ensure a smooth year ahead. continue reading 2021 Horoscope for Dog, here

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