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Crane and Deer Wu Lou to suppress Illness star #2

Crane and Deer Wu Lou to suppress Illness star #2

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This Wulou feature images of the DeerCrane and Bamboo plant which are all symbols of long life and endurance. Coupled with the Wu Lou, an established symbol of longevity and good health, the potency of this Golden Wu Lou as a health enhancer is multiplied. The Wu Lou, often associated with Sau, the longevity God, is a well-known symbol of good health and longevity. It is said to contain the nectar of immortality and has the power to absorb the sickness energy, storing it in its endless bottom in order not to let the sickness chi hurt you.  Bamboo is a symbol or icon of longevity, good health and endurance because of its ability to stay evergreen all year round and flourish almost everywhere, perpetually upright, strong and resilient while still being gentle, graceful and refined. Even under harsh weather conditions, the bamboo will bend but not break.

The deer is often seen by the side of Sau, the God of Longevity, one of the deities of Fuk Luk Sau, is a symbol of longevity and endurance. The deer is traditionally believed to be the only animal able to find the magical lingzhi, fungus of immortality, strengthening its status as a symbol for vitality, rejuvenation, endurance and excellent health. Deer in Chinese is pronounced as "luk", which also means good income and prosperity, thus the deer also signifies wealth and prosperity. It represents monetary gains and has the ability to bring you out of troubled times and financial woes.

The metal make of this Wu Lou is ideal for weakening the malicious wood energy of the #2 Flying Star. Display in the North Sector During 2021. SOUTHWEST during 2022


Metal Wu Lou measure: 5" H