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Celestite for Angelic communication

Celestite for Angelic communication

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 Celestite is a wonderful stone for programming especially to manifest peace, balance, love and open communication. Celestite is an extremely popular tool for use in communication with angelic and other spirit guides. This is a crystal that will instantly life you above the mundane, once it has caught your eye.

Mediation with celestite will open a clear channel of communication, allowing one to tap into the perfect power of the universe's total love. It will teach you the peaceful trust in acknowledging and accepting that each of us is part of the Divine Plan, and that it is the ebb and flow of ones life which propels you to where you need to be.  

Use this stone to assist one in remembering dreams, keep a stone under your pillow and a dream journal beside your bed, each night request the aid of the crystal in remembering and each morning just as you awake, write what your memory brings.

This crystal will only need recharging occasionally, which should be done briefly in the sun. Be careful not to leave your stone too long in the sun, as it may cause discoloration of the celestite.

Cluster measure about 2". Shape may vary naturally.  Once sold out, available in tumble stone here