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Buddha Bracelet


We have been receiving many calls asking for the status of orders that were not placed in our store. There are many online stores out there that unfortunately scam their customers and are primarily based overseas, selling imitation bracelets and not shipping orders.  "We are located in the U.S and we sell Real Obsidian Bracelets". Please make sure to double-check whether you ordered from our store before calling, otherwise please refer to the online store's name where you made the purchase.  If you purchased from buddha power, please try to contact them to place your claim. 


Thank you kindly.


Buddha Bracelets for Wealth and Healing

Check out our Buddha Bracelets selection for unique and custom handmade pieces. From healing to wealth, we offer a wide selection of Feng Shui Bracelets for different aspirations. 

We use real crystals to make all our bracelets, these crystals possess vibrational energy for healing and power.