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Quick Feng Shui Inspiration - how to salt cure

Salt Water Cleansing Cure

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Yes, it’s time to start your New Year’s cleansing, and it must be done before the 8th of February. Why? Because that is when the Chinese New Year’s takes place. It's time to refresh and cleanse the energy so that it may be pure and vibrant at the start of the year!

So how can we accomplish this? 

Since ancient times, salt has been used as an effective cleansing tool. It is said to absorb stagnant energy from any space for a long period of time. Negative and stagnant energy could come from many sources: discussions, visits from other people, unpleasant situations and even planetary positions that favor frustrating energy, and clearing this sort of energy is what we pursue when practicing Feng Shui.

The salt cure includes six Chinese coins (with the Yang side facing up), sea salt, water and a glass container with red ribbon to activate the cure. All the elements work together to absorb negative energy day by day at a steady pace. The kit includes instructions and it comes ready to use!

May this coming year be filled with blessings, prosperity and good health!

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