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Quick Inspirational Ideas - feng shui mirror placement

5 Areas where a Mirror should be Placed correctly according to Feng Shui

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5 Areas where a Mirror should be placed (correctly).

According to Feng Shui, mirrors can double your wealth, health and even your happiness, but only if it is placed and reflecting in the correct area. If it is reflecting incorrect energies, then it can do harm. Let’s take a look at what your mirror should NOT be reflecting:

    • Clutter
    • Another Mirror
    • Dirtiness
    • Flames coming from the stove
    • The toilet seat
    • A bed
    • A door or window (or both)

    Let's take a look at some possible areas where you can place a mirror and bring auspiciousness:

    A mirror in the Kitchen

    It is usually best to keep mirrors out of the kitchen, especially because mirrors symbolize water and the kitchen has a lot of the Fire element. Water destroys the fire energy being generated here. Some consultants recommend a mirror to be placed behind the stove, for a cook to be able to view anything happening behind their backs. If you do not cook with your back facing a door, then there should be no problem.

    A Mirror in the bathroom

    To prevent energy from going down the drain, affix mirrors on top of the drains. This way, the mirror prevents any energy to go down any drains. You can affix small round mirrors above the shower drain and the sink, easily. The Feng Shui mirror cures for bathrooms are a great way to prevent the energy from leaving.

    A mirror in the Bedroom

    Sometimes the reason why you’re not getting any sleep might be that mirror you have in your bedroom. Avoid the mirror being placed next to the bed. If your mirror is facing you when you are lying on your bed, this attracts a third person to your relationship. (Remember, anything that a mirror reflects, it will double that.)

    We understand if you need to look at your reflection before going out. You can easily solve this by placing your mirror inside your closet, this way, you can close the closet door if you’re not using the mirror and no energies are bouncing around in the bedroom.

    feng shui bedroom mirror tips feng shu bedroom mirror placement

    A mirror in the living room.

    This is the best area they can be placed. If your mirror is reflecting food then this will attract abundance and prosperity. You need to be aware of a mirror reflecting an entrance or window, because if this is happening, energy is just escaping outside, this is inauspicious. You can also display the mirror in a way that it may reflect any house plants or outside fountains, which will bring auspiciousness.

    feng shui mirror living room

    fneg shui living room mirror tips

    There is always a solution for everything! With just a little bit of will power and some inspiration, you can simply move things you already have and make the most of your Feng Shui area.

    As always, if you've any questions on our tips and tricks, feel free to chat with us or get in contact with us. We love sharing Feng Shui with you.

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



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