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How to Deflect the 5 Yellow Star in 2016

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 23rd Dec 2015

The 5 Yellow star is located on the NE during 2016. Find Feng Shui cures to cure this dreadful unlucky star.The Five Yellow Star is the most feared in the Flying Star charts every year, as it eng … read more

The Feng Shui Water Element in 2016

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 21st Dec 2015

Why the water element is the most important element to implement during 2016.There is a strong lack of the water element in the year 2016. Water signifies power, authority and wisdom and it is missing … read more

Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast Chart

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 2nd Dec 2015

Find out what your zodiac sign is by looking at the chart and check what's in store for you!FIND YOUR ZODIAC ELEMENT BELOW!RAT:Metal Rat ( Born in Jan. 28, 1960 - Feb. 14, 1961) Water Rat (Feb. 15, 19 … read more