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Quick Feng Shui Inspiration - feng shui 2016

How to Deflect the 5 Yellow Star in 2016

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The 5 Yellow star is located on the NE during 2016. Find Feng Shui cures to cure this dreadful unlucky star.

Suppress 5 yellow star 2016 feng shui

The Five Yellow Star is the most feared in the Flying Star charts every year, as it engenders harms and misfortune and invokes local spirits. In year 2016, this malignant star affects the youngest son of the family the most. 

The best and quickest way to appease this feared star is to implement the Golden Mantra Pagoda cure which contains the powerful Golden Mantras to mitigate the negative influence of it. 

In order to activate it, all you need to do is fill the empty compartment with soil which symbolizes the Earth element to help gain balance. Once the compartment is sealed, this signifies the locking up of the earth 5-Yellow star. You will not need to refresh the contents until the next Lunar Year. 

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