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Monthly Flying Stars June 6th to July 6th

Posted by Sarah on 16th Jun 2017

Flying Star Chart provides vital information to take note of as it involves the way luck changes from year to year. The annual stars change its positions on a yearly basis while monthly stars shift their sectors every month. The optimal way to update your feng shui is to pay attention to their position changes in order to make the most out of the auspicious stars and suppress the bad energies brought by the malignant stars.

The numbers on the left in the 9 grids of the charts below indicate the annual star while the numbers on the right indicate the monthly star. Use a good compass to accurately determine the direction of your home. Then refer to the chart below to look out for good or bad sectors of the month and take the necessary steps to suppress the inauspicious stars or enhance the auspicious ones.

This is a method that many may choose to follow for their Flying Star readings.
However, if you are already following the Flying Stars yearly and feel comfortable practicing the method this way, there is no need to do monthly readings or arrangements. This is an optional practice for those who wish to go deeper in their Feng Shui arrangements.