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How to Cure the Feng Shui 3 Killings in the West 2019

Posted by Sarah @ufs on 3rd Dec 2018

T H E  3  K I L L I N G S  A F F L I C T I O N  I N  2 0 1 9 

What this astrological affliction in the West means for your home and office.

feng shui 3 killings 2019

Attention! There is a Feng Shui Astrological Affliction for houses or special areas (office, bedroom) facing West during the year 2019.
There are several areas you will need to look into during the year. If you're curious, you can go over to the 2019 Flying Stars Chart to find out.

But in this ocassion, let's talk about the Star of 3 Killings Affliction in the West and how this can affect you and your home. It is one of the most significant annual afflictions in Feng Shui in a changing location every year.

It is associated with the following misfortunes:

Loss of one's good name.

Loss of fortune and luck.

Loss of loved ones.

For many years now, Feng Shui practitioners have implemented the Three Ki Lions to suppress this affliction with much success.This cure can be displayed in the west sector of your home protection. Place it  near your entrance especially if your home is facing in this direction. This also applies to offices and businesses.

Red is the color star of the Year 2019, this is why the 3 Killings have been specially designed in this color. Also, if you feel you need more efficiency in your West area, you can display a red carpet or other red accents for full potency. Red is a very important asset during this year's cycle.

If you're not sure if your home is facing West or if any important rooms are located in this area, you can find out using a simple western compass. Follow the instructions and you will be able to take control of this negative energy just in time!

Remember that by using Feng Shui cures you can activate and exploit the positive effects a certain area may have. If the effects are negative, like in this case, it is also important that you neutralize or balance the energy to avoid negative effects, as each area will represent a life aspect for all members of a household.