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Feng Shui Monthly Zodiac Forecast for September 2017

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Zodiac Forecasts for September 2017

Tap into your Luck for September!


If you work hard enough, you will note a great improvement of your work space. But don’t forget to take care of your well-being and your body’s needs. Your wealth luck will peak in September, so it may be the best time of the year to make some investments or start a business. Some rats going through family issues may still experience this during the month, take care of your relationships more!



September may not be a very good month for the Ox borns. Your luck and fortune will diminish in every aspect, unfortunately. Be sure to try and prevent any problems in advance, be prepared and handle situations to minimize the impact. Some Ox will need to spend more time with family to nurture relationships. Some Ox children may experience a weak digestive system this month as well, make sure you have a healthy diet.




From this month forwards, Tigers’ luck just keeps going up!
With the help of your mentors, you will handle your work really well. Because of your great performance, you might be getting a promotion this month. Wealth also seems to keep rising, but be careful on what you spend and watch out for which investment you choose to go for.
Don’t just focus on the profit, make sure to equally judge the risks. If the risk is too big, you might suffer from big financial losses.



Your luck this month will most probably weaken. What you though was easy to solve may become complicated. So, don’t make quick decisions this month, think them through or you might regret it. Some Rabbits will be at risk of catching stomach dsiseases, so pay attention to your diets. Others may have trouble sleeping because of stress or pressures. Try to stay positive and don’t vent your anger to your close relatives. Keep them close!



This month is very lucky wealth wise according to the Zodiac. Invest some of that incoming money to profit even more. Your lucky stars will help you gain extra money, but other aspects in life such as health and love will be similar to August. Some health issues may come up, however try to improve you immunity by exercising during the week. Also, don’t be influenced by others’ opinions this month, this may lead to mistakes.



Your luck will not be as great as previous months. Unfortunately, almost every aspect of your daily life will get into trouble, except for your wealth income. So, just concentrate and focus on your money investments. As for health, you might experience some discomfort during the month. If necessary, you may need to visit the doctor for a check-up.



Some hidden troubles may arise during the month, so keep your calm and behave so that you don’t stir up any negative situations. Try to get along with your co-workers this month.



Your luck will decrease greatly this month and your health conditions must be checked up as soon as possible. In other aspects, keep up your hard work. This positive working attitude may revert and change unfavorable situations.
High risk investments this month should not be made, earn your money step by step. Your love and relationship area will also advance in a step by step approach, take it easy.



Your bad luck will take a turn for the positive this month, try your best to fulfill your work tasks and maintain a good work rhythm. If you get along with the people that surround you, you will be able to take all the opportunities and improve constantly. Some health issues like headaches and stomach issues may occur, make your doctor’s appointment for this month. Also, make sure you keep your active life style.



Their luck hits the bottom of the year this month, and they would better stay far away from any disputes. More efforts should be paid to their work. As long as you adopt an optimistic attitude towards life, your luck will turn. Your fortune in easy money is great, so it’s a good chance to try your luck in lottery or high-risk investment.



Dogs will have an average luck during September. There will be some twists and turns in your career. Stay devoted to your job, and get ready to face challenges. Wealth loss is possible. It is not a good time for investment. Stomach diseases might bother them. Go outdoors, and get relaxed.



Expect bad luck this month. Things will not always go as smooth as you may expect, emotions will be unstable. Problems will be solved eventually as long as you stay calm and patient. Careful with financial loss this month and try to communicate more often with family and friends.


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