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Annual Flying Stars 2018 Overview & Tips

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Flying Stars 2018 Overview + Tips
Year of the Earth Dog

The Year of the Earth dog will bring with it many changes, positive and negative. Those who have elements of Water in their Chinese astrology will need to pay extra attention to their afflicted Flying Star areas, as these signs will not be compatible with the Earth Dog. 

Every Feng Shui practitioner should pay attention to getting the most opportunities out of the Lucky Stars and shielding their home from any misfortune the negative stars may bring upon them, especially in the areas of finance, wealth and misfortune. The Flying Stars chart is an easy way to find out where all these lucky and unlucky energies will be positioned throughout the year.
Make sure you follow all tips on each lucky and negative stars to take advantage of the predictions!

If you have a Bagua map of your home, your can simply pinpoint the positions. If not, you can make an easy reading from your home’s main entrance by using a compass, draw out your grid, and determine the positions. Easy instructions 

During 2018 there will be 4 areas in your living and work spaces that will be afflicted by negative energies, the others will be occupied by positive ones.

Negative Stars.

As Feng Shui practitioners, you should first read and understand how negative stars will affect each area.
One of the most important goals in Feng Shui is to find these areas and protect them, so that you can enjoy the auspiciousness of the lucky corners, without having to worry about the negative effects of the unlucky stars. You can learn about different cures you can display to subdue them correctly. Afterwards, you can take care of the favorable stars and learn how you can activate them through cure and enhancers!

The negative stars are:

#2 Illness Star located in the WEST
#3 Quarrelsome Star attracting legal issues located in the NORTHEAST
#5 Misfortune Star attracting misfortunes and accidents located in the NORTH
#7 Robbery Star located in the EAST

Additional yearly afflictions:
Tai Sui located in the NORTHWEST
3 Killings located in the NORTH

Positive Stars.

These are your lucky corners! You can tap into their luck and enjoy fortune and auspiciousness all year round. The way to generate good luck is by placing auspicious activators and enhancers in these areas.

The positive stars are:

#1 Victory Star located in the NORTHWEST
#4 Romantic & Scholastic Luck located in the SOUTH
#8 Prosperity Star located in the SOUTHEAST
#9 Future Prosperity Star located in the CENTER

Complete Flying Stars Locations and Chart for 2018

Remember, during the Year of the Earth Dog, those who are meticulous at planning, will see success. So once you plan out your Feng Shui for the year and are sure about next steps, you will be ready to take on the year with full force!

If you want to learn more about which cures you can re-use by cleansing and which are best to replace, take a look a this quick article: How to Know When to Replace your Old Feng Shui Cures 

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