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Quick Inspirational Ideas

How to: Block bad vibes from Straight Roads

A road which seems to be coming straight at your home or the building you live in is one of the most basic sources of bad Chi. This should be taken care of urgently, especially if you have fast traffic coming towards you, this is definitely harmful.                 You will be able to [...]

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The 4 Incredible Uses for the Feng Shui Pagoda

The pagoda is an ancient architecture that first started in Asia, usually, the Pagodas are used as a place of worship, they have religious functions. Actually, the word Pagoda, [...]

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3 Feng Shui Entrance tips you don't want to miss

Entryways and hallways should have powerful yang energy, which will play a very important role in bringing good fortune into the house. Keep these areas bright and uncluttered at all times.While all entrances should be kept uncluttered and easily accessible, the front or main door is of particular importance and should be focused on. 1. Let it flow and [...]

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Quick Feng Shui for Protection from Bad Neighbors

Deflect Negativity from unfriendly NeighborsSometimes were lucky to have neighbors that within a short time, they become our friends. But sometimes, we're not that fortunate and we have to deal with bad neighbors, negative vibes, unfriendly energy and it can get very frustrating at times.Negative energies coming from our neighbors can sometimes affect our home's [...]

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Salt Cleansing the Kitchen

Surpringly (or not so much) the kitchen is one of the most vulnerable spots at home. This is why cleansing your kitchen the Feng Shui way, will for sure empower and shift the energy in your entire home. Remember, the kitchen is the area in which a families' meals are cooked, so stagnant energies can [...]

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The Feng Shui Salt Cure

The salt cure is perfect, static cure; to dispose of negative energies and replace it with pure chi, we recommend you give this a try! We are sure you home will benefit greatly from it.The salt cure is used to reverse the negative energies caused by the negative flying stars and any other negative energy [...]

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



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