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Feng Shui 2019: How to Attract Fortune and Abundance

Posted by Sarah @ufs on 10th Oct 2018

F e n g  S h u i  2 0 1 9  Y e a r  o f  t h e  E a r t h  B o a r  + Flying Star PositionsThe 2019 Chinese New Year greets us on February 5th and with it bring … read more

Selenite Desert Rose Meaning and Properties

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 26th May 2018

Selenite Desert Rose Meaning & PropertiesFinding your OasisPhoto: EnergymuseThese unique stones are such magical formations that we just need to talk a bit more about them!These Roses are formed by th … read more

Why Feng Shui Wulou is such a Must have Symbol

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 16th May 2018

Why the Wulou is and Indispensable Symbol for any Feng Shui HomeIf you practice Feng Shui, it is very likely that you’ve heard about the importance of the Wu Lou symbol at home, and why it is such a … read more

The Healing Powers of the Selenite Crystals- Properties & More

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 10th Apr 2018

The Healing Powers of the Selenite CrystalsPHOTO: ENERGYMUSESelenite, often times called "the liquid light", is one of the prettiest, most elegant and powerful crystals you will ever come accross.Wit … read more