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The Importance of the Back Door in Feng Shui

Posted by Sarah@UFS on 19th Aug 2017

How Important is the Back Door in Feng Shui?Read more about the importance of the Back Door in Feng Shui, positions and colors you can implement to re-energize this location!We know one thing for sure … read more

How to Create a Loving & Strong Marriage with Feng Shui

Posted by Sarah on 22nd Jun 2017

How to Create a Strong & Loving Relationship with Easy Feng Shui MethodsRelationships are something we all need to put our time and dedication into, to make them last and for them to carry on smoothly … read more

Monthly Flying Stars June 6th to July 6th

Posted by Sarah on 16th Jun 2017

Flying Star Chart provides vital information to take note of as it involves the way luck changes from year to year. The annual stars change its positions on a yearly basis while monthly stars shift th … read more

How to Easily Choose your Feng Shui Items

Posted by Sarah on 13th Jun 2017

3 Tips on How to choose your Feng Shui cures.When we are presented with so many choices, it’s possible we might feel a bit doubtful of what we should choose. Is this design more powerful or eff … read more