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Quick Feng Shui Inspiration

Kua Number Calculator- What's my Kua Number?

Knowing your Kua number is just another optional calculation when looking to tap into the luck of your best lucky directions. This can be done so that you can arrange your work desk, beds, or even facing a certain direction when in a meeting or for an important business presentation. The Kua number will also [...]

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Lucky Bamboo Care

Lucky Bamboo CareWhen talking about Lucky Bamboo, the main questions we always get it: How to prevent the leaves from getting yellow? It's actually very easy, and like any other plant, Bamboo required its own special care.  But don't worry, it's actually one of the easiest plants to have indoors and it bring many benefits [...]

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Feng Shui and Negative Energy

Feng Shui and Negative EnergyDid you know that negative energy in certain areas of the home may cause certain consequences at home?Here is our complete info-graphic as to how to resolve these minor buy persistent accidents caused by negative energy.

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Feng Shui Symbols

Feng Shui  SymbolsFeng Shui masters are always updating designs make cures more powerful and efficient, so here are the 10 top new cure designs to keep your energy balanced this spring:Keeping your home's energy balanced out with protection, good luck, and fortune flowing is very important in Feng Shui. Luckily, there are certain symbols and [...]

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Rose Quartz Benefits

Rose Quartz Meanings and UsesThe Rose Quartz stone has many benefits and a great meaning, it is known as the “stone of Love” it emanates the vibrations of love and emits amplified soothing energy. It heals and releases emotional issues, brings calm, stress relief and easing of anxiety.Rose Quartz doesn’t only release and heal it also carries the energies [...]

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10% OFF on ALL Healing Stone Bracelets!

Natural stones have powerful vibrations that can help you in different situations. They are Earth's most wonderful gift to us.According to the theory, everything in this universe, including the universe itself, vibrates at various rates and frequencies. These vibrations occur at the molecular level and it is the frequency that particularly differentiates one object from [...]

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3 Amazing Benefits that Make the Lapis Lazuli "The Miracle Stone"

Lapis Lazuli BenefitsThe Lapis Lazuli stone is often called the “feel better stone” because it boosts all psychic abilities and natural gifts, while bringing relaxation within its protective cocoon.It dispels disorganization, helping you clear your thoughts and assisting in relieving depression. It also promotes balance between the yin and yang to improve your relationships.Physically, it boosts your immune system [...]

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Why you need a Bagua Mirror at home

Bagua Mirror Placement            What are Bagua Mirrors for? A Bagua Mirror is a mirror used to protect a house or any building from negative energy. Now, negative energy can be coming from anywhere. From noisy or negative neighbors, to loud constructions sites or malls right in front of your home, to pointing objects that may [...]

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4 Simple Steps to Smudge your Home for Cleansing

Smudging for CleansingYou may have heard of smudging and how beneficial it can be for your home's energy.The good news is, it's not as hard as it sounds, all you need is the smudge and the intent.With these four simple steps and tips you will learn how to smudge your home, quick and easily.Keep in [...]

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4 Inauspicious Areas that need your attention in 2016

Feng Shui Flying StarThis guide will help you through curing these "difficult" areas with cures, colors, and quick tips you can implement in a short time. What are you waiting for?NORTHEAST The NE is the home of the #5 Yellow Star this year, which bring misfortunes and challenging energy. It is the most feared and dreaded of all stars, well, [...]

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