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4 Amazing Cleansing Rituals for the New Year

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 28th Nov 2017

4 Amazing Cleansing Rituals for the New Year- Get what you want from 2019Did you know? Many rituals can be done through the year to meditate, let go or attract anything you’re looking for.VISIT THE 4 … read more

Annual Flying Stars 2018 Overview & Tips

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 20th Nov 2017

Flying Stars 2018 Overview + TipsYear of the Earth DogThe Year of the Earth dog will bring with it many changes, positive and negative. Those who have elements of Water in their Chinese astrology will … read more

Everything you Need to Know About Healing Crystals for Pets

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 10th Oct 2017

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Healing Crystals for PetsPhoto: EnergyMusePets play a huge role in a family's life and keeping them safe, healthy and happy is a great responsibility! Looking … read more

Full Chart for Feng Shui Flying Stars- September 2017

Posted by Sarah@UFS on 5th Sep 2017

Flying Star Positions for September 2017Get the updated forecast for flying stars during September 2017What are the Monthly Flying Stars? Don't get too confused just yet! This is quite simple. The Fly … read more

Feng Shui Monthly Zodiac Forecast for September 2017

Posted by Sarah@UFS on 5th Sep 2017

Zodiac Forecasts for September 2017Tap into your Luck for September!RAT:If you work hard enough, you will note a great improvement of your work space. But don’t forget to take care of your well-bein … read more