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How to Cure the Feng Shui 3 Killings in the West 2019

Posted by Sarah @ufs on 3rd Dec 2018

IS YOUR HOME FACING WEST?  T H E  3  K I L L I N G S  A F F L I C T I O N  I N  2 0 1 9 What this astrological affliction in the West means for your home and office. … read more

Feng Shui 2019: How to Attract Fortune and Abundance

Posted by Sarah @ufs on 10th Oct 2018

F e n g  S h u i  2 0 1 9  Y e a r  o f  t h e  E a r t h  B o a r  + Flying Star PositionsThe 2019 Chinese New Year greets us on February 5th and with it bring … read more

Selenite Desert Rose Meaning and Properties

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 26th May 2018

Selenite Desert Rose Meaning & PropertiesFinding your OasisPhoto: EnergymuseThese unique stones are such magical formations that we just need to talk a bit more about them!These Roses are formed by th … read more