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5 Feng Shui Tips to Get your Home Ready for 2018

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 9th Jan 2018

5 Tips to Get "Feng Shui Ready" for 2018

2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog. Every New Year is a fresh new beginning and there is the opportunity to plant the seeds of intention of everything we want to accomplish throughout the year. It is a time to get rid of the old to receive the new. Remember, energy is like fertile land, if you care and nourish it with the right ingredients it will reciprocate with what you most desire. 

According to the astrological facts, it will be a year to focus on everything that has been created for years before, it is a year to build and improve. The Dog year will make us think twice about taking decisions that directly affect our future, even if they are short term. It is a time to put our common sense to work, as well as our experience. Read the 2018 Year of the Earth Dog Overview for more info.

Now let's get your home into shape to welcome the renewed energy of a new year. Follow these tips!

1. Get Rid of Everything Old, Used, or Unloved.
Make room for everything new! By getting rid of everything you no longer use, you are creating a mental and physical space to receive new things into your life.

Have you ever heard of New Year’s cleaning? Well, this is exactly what it is. You need to throw away everything that is old, that has no value to you, basically objects that you don’t love. It's also a great way to create new spaces for new and useful things, instead of old and unuseful clutter. By making your spaces productive, you will be productive. This is an essential step because by getting rid of these objects you don’t really need, you are actually clearing your path, you will be “able to see the light” so to speak and make better decisions in the future. Lighten your own load and start un-attaching from old clutter!

2. Fresh Air and Good Lighting

These are vital ingredients to your New Year’s preparation. You need to let the Chi flow freely with fresh air. If the weather is too cold, open up a few Windows for just a couple of minutes and place air purifying plants to keep the Chi flowing. Burning fresh blends, incenses or oils is also a good choice. Maintaining good lighting in all spaces is a must.

3. Cleanse or Replace your Feng Shui Cures & Symbols

Here is a big question we always receive from our customers. 

Is it OK to re-use old cures? What to do with cures that I will be disposing of?

The answer to this question is very simple:
There are some specific cures designed to absorb negative energy for a certain year. All cures used for protection against negative stars accumulate this energy through the year and this is why these cures should be not re-used. For example, the 5 Element Pagoda will accumulate the energy from malignant star #5. As well as those used for enhancing positive stars have been drained for that purpose through the year.
Also, if your cures have been in your home for 2 or more years, they will not be effective any longer.

We have to keep in mind that our cures work all year long to maintain a positive environment, fresh cures mean fresh new energy, that you can only get if your cures are new.

Which can you cleanse and re-use then? You can definitely cleanse cures that do not have a yearly purpose, such as a Wealth Buddha, a Career Charm, Feng Shui coins, certain Money or Wish-Fulfilling trees, Garden cures, etc. You can cleanse them with Sage, Frankincense, or Copal.Holy Wood is also a good choice.

If you are not too sure which items to replace or re-use, please chat with us or send us an email to info@uniquefengshui.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

4. Perform Cleansing Rituals in your Home.

Clear and renew your home’s energy with the right tools to receive the fresh new energy of new beginnings. Check our 4 Cleansing Rituals for the New Year and find out which one you want to do!

5. Apply your 2018 Cures.
The Chinese Lunar New Year this year falls on February 16th, 2018. Cures should be placed within this week. Of course, you can apply them at any time along the way of 2018, it’s never too late, so no worries! Start off with a clean and cleansed home first. It is not advisable to place any Feng Shui cures if your house is being obstructed by clutter or lack of cleanliness.

Remember to check the Flying Stars 2018 chart.
As well as your Zodiac Forecast for 2018.

Enjoy your New Beginning!


Unique Feng Shui Team.