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4 Major Predictions for the Year of the Rooster and how they can affect you.

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The Rooster has many things in store for us during 2017 for everyone! Here are the 4 major predictions on this year and how it can affect you.


For single people, this is a good year to start a new and fresh relationship. However, relationships that could have become solid marriages might be cut short due to uncontrollable life situations, such as a move or a career choice.
Even if there is major tension and imbalance in the charts during this year, it is still a great one for weddings to take place! So if you’re planning on setting a date, this year is an auspicious one that will for sure bring you lots of Love luck!
Try finding your lucky dates according to your sign and set a date!

For those that may be needing to activate their marriage luck, as well as those looking to attract a new partner. Make sure you read your 2017 Zodiac Forecast and check your suggestions for Love during the year. Also, make sure to check your Peach Blossom Luck chart to find out where and how to activate love luck in your home according to your sign.


There are many signs that indicate that 2017 might be a very "shifty" year and Feng Shui decorating is always about balance. So it is recommended to check the 2017 Elements Catalog to find out which element will bring you the most unbalance during the year.
You can wear or place Feng Shui decoration cures to balance the energy flow and benefit your own personal karma as well as your families’.


Metal is the main element of the sign of the Rooster, Fire melts Metal, which results in many tensions around the world from great leaders and big corporations. Plus, wars caused by migration and climate changes will deteriorate the unstable political climate even more.

On another note, thanks to globalization new celebrities in entertainment and music will make appearances , however fame will not last for them.


The Rooster promises a bright future of success to those that have endured with hard work and patience their business projects.
Many will find themselves wanting to change their positions to either promotions or simply moving on to another profesional environment. But this will not be for everyone, not all signs have the capability to cope with the stress or posible failures, that everyone must face on their way to success.

If you want to know how your business and career luck is looking this year, look for your 2017 Zodiac Forecast and check what's in store for you! Also check our Feng Shui Business catalog for work desk cures and enhancers.

The Rooster will grant you its protection and perseverance if you understand him well enough.
May everyone enjoy auspiciousness in the 2017 Year of the Rooster!

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



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