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2018 Good Feng Shui Areas in your Home or Office

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Good Areas in your Home and Office you need to Activate Now

Every year the stars align in a different way and change positions within every home. They set in a certain area and will stay there all year long. These areas can either be negative or positive energy spots. Whereas the negative needs to be subdued and the positive needs to be activated for success, money, and wellbeing. 

Want to find out which are the positive areas in your home/office for 2018?


The White Victory Star #1 brings success over any type of competition and lets you tap into its victory luck if you activate it appropriately during the year. For those who their main entrances face the NW direction, as well as those who work, study or sleep here, will enjoy abundant success luck throughout the year.

If you are in a leadership position, brace yourself for the many benefits this star can bring you! Trigger your victory and success at the office, business and any competitive situations by carrying and displaying symbols that significantly activate this lucky star.

The energy in the NW will benefit any of those who are wanting to strive and get promoted during the year. Take advantage!

Find cures to activate the Lucky Victory Star #1


The #4 Star of Romance and Scholastic luck comes back to take its place in the South.

For all those who are single and looking for a partner or getting married, this is the star you want to activate! The Peach Blossom star assists those looking for the fortune of finding their perfect matches if activated. However, for those already married, this star is often related to infidelity and third-party interventions. Married couples do not fancy this star flying into their bedrooms! If you are married and your bedroom is located in the South, you can consider carrying /wearing protection amulets and displaying feng shui cures to safeguard your marriage. If you are single and looking for a mate, activate this star with enhancers!

All singles that spend time in the South will experience excellent relationship luck in 2018. Activate this lucky star with Feng Shui cures and arrangement to start getting results.

For those in the artistic and creative areas such as writers, painters, artists, designers, and teachers, you will experience positivity and significant outcomes in your work. Take advantage of this Star and activate it, mainly if your workroom is located in the South. Students that study for exams in this sector will have better results and get into top schools and colleges, as well as getting their degrees quicker! Carry amulets and energize the South as best as you can.

Find Feng Shui Activators for the South #4


This fantastic star brings luck and blessings from the heavens to empower leadership and open doors to help from mentors and influential people. The # 6 star will make more accessible to you receive the assistance you need in all aspects of life.

Main entrances facing the SW as well as homes sitting and facing this direction will receive unanticipated great vibes and good fortune. Tap into this heavenly luck by carrying appropriate activators and displaying enhancers in this area.
People sleeping in the southwest area will be primarily benefited with blessings of many kinds. Those involved in gambling, lottery, and casino games, will receive the indirect wealth and celestial luck that this star brings with it, carry the gambling talisman to increase your windfall luck!

Find all the Enhancers for the SOUTH WEST.


This year the southeast is considered the luckiest sector of the house because belong to asset wealth sector and also enjoy the visit of the wealthy #8 star, strengthen by the double earth element which made this location a special place to activate. All homes facing this direction, main entrances and any room in this sector will welcome the great energy of wealth attraction! 

Take advantage of this and activate with Feng Shui Cures for the #8 Star.


The great #9 Future Prosperity star is located in the CENTER during 2018, which is great news! Because it means that everyone can benefit from it when activated properly.
The year of the Earth Dog promises future wealth and growth to all thoses creative and brave. Make your efforts count!

The Fire element in the center of any home, office or buildings must be strengthened, as it gets exhausted by the Earth energy this year. We suggest you ñeep this part of your home well lit; this goes especially for living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and main entrances.
If you wish to tap into this beneficial star, the multiples of 9 and 3 are very lucky in this sector.

Find symbols and enhancers for star #9 here!

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