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The Importance of the Back Door in Feng Shui

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How Important is the Back Door in Feng Shui?

The importance of the Back Door in Feng Shui

Feng Shui mainly focuses on the front entrances of a home, however surprisingly, the back door is also of great importance!
How is that? Well, the back door symbolizes the flow and circulation of Chi that can occur in the home, the front is the “receiving” portal and the back is the “outgoing” portal, it is the perfect cycle

When both are working properly great energy is felt in the environment, which is priceless.
But if this is not happening, then there could be a lot of stored stagnant energy in the home. Stagnant energy can cause blockages, obstacles, or other types of negativity reflected in one’s lives.

When we refer to the back door, we are referring to side doors, garage entrances, balcony windows, or any “secondary” entrances the home may have. 

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Applying Feng Shui to your back door will not only benefit the circulation of Chi, it will also result in a home filled with incoming auspiciousness from every angle. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Your back door should not “upstage” the front door, the main entrance is still the most important.
  • The back door should not be interrupted by clutter or furniture, this will stagnate the Chi. Move or reposition your furniture if anything is blocking it or preventing from opening completely. The path must be free of any obstacles.

  • The back door needs to be welcoming and energetic, apply cures to symbolize this.

  • If your front and back door are aligned, cure this with a 40mm crystal. This direct line will cause Chi from the entrance to be lost entirely through the back. The Crystal will stop the alignment and keep the energy from escaping.

3 Ways you Can Feng Shui your Back Door

  • Based on direction (Feng Shui Area)

    Implement cures and symbols that reflect your needs to this certain area, so that the flow of energy acts in benefit of this. If your back door is in your North Area, you can hang Career enhancers from the doorknob or hang certain cures or plaques to invite this luck into your life. The same goes for other areas such as wealth, health or love. Check the Bagua Areas catalog.

  • Based on the Flying Stars

    Which Flying star is ruling the back door area? Cure the star if it is inauspicious or enhance it if it is a lucky star with symbols, cures or enhancers. Check the Flying Stars Catalog.
  • Based on the Element

    Certain elements attract certain energy, such as water for Career and Wealth or Fire for Fame and Reputation. You can play with the colors of this door to make it more welcoming and lively. Place a mat with the element’s color and a fun and welcoming message. You can find which elements you can implement for which area 

  • Based on Purpose

    You may be seeking protection for your back or side entrance, be it from negativity incoming from neighbors, burglary or simply to protect your home all around.

    Check if there are any “poison arrows” pointing directly to the door.
    You can implement Bagua Mirrors, Foo Dogs, or Rooster Symbols to protect yourself from any of the above.
    Also, if your back door faces greenery, such as your back yard, “catch” this wonderful energy by placing windchimes close to the back door. This will make your back door welcoming, energized and fresh, the sounds will also help in clearing the energy incoming through this entrance.

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