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Full Chart for Feng Shui Flying Stars- September 2017

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Flying Star Positions for September 2017
Get the updated forecast for flying stars during September 2017

What are the Monthly Flying Stars?
Don't get too confused just yet! This is quite simple.
The Flying Stars do not change over the course of the year, but there are monthly ones that shift their sectors every month. These "make the yearly stars" some company for each month.
The optimal way to update your feng shui is to pay attention to their position changes in order to make the most out of the auspicious stars and suppress the bad energies brought by the malignant stars. However, if you are comfortable with just the yearly Flying Stars, then there is no need for adjustments monthly.

The numbers on the left in the 9 grids of the charts below indicate the annual star while the numbers on the right indicate the monthly star.


Below you will find recommendations of Feng Shui cures you can use to cure, enhance or minimize any negative effects from any flying star. By knowing the positions in advance you will be able to tap into the great luckand open doors of wonderful possibilities with auspicious stars and also protect yourself from any negative energy that may be flying your way, from inauspicious stars.

Remember, you can move cures around from month to month. However, it is very important that the ANNUAL cure for the star must not be moved from where it was placed at beginning of the year.

September Flying Star Positions Grid:

During this month, all stars are "double" so watch out for the recharged energy from bad stars and benefit from the good stars, depending on your needs this month.
The September Feng Shui flying stars are positioned and are already making changes in your home's energy, so find out what Feng Shui fixes you can make with these in mind! 


The “DOUBLE #1” which is very auspicious and will bring great luck in career and income matters. If you have any ongoing projects to bring in more wealth, apply cures in this area this month. Especially for projects that are just starting out and in the developing stage.
It is advised that you avoid alcohol or great celebrations to avoid any negative situations in this area.




This month, the illness will threaten certain sectors in your health, especially for women. Watchout for lung, skin, bones and nose issues here. Women who are expecting, avoid staying in this area for too long. If this is where you sleep, try to sleep In a different room this month, especially because this is a double illness star. In order to counteract the Yin energy this month, display cures to promote wellness.




With the Double 3, arguments will be stronge than ever. Negative situations will become more intense. Even a minor disagreement could escalate into something major, leading to legal issues or strong disputes. Remember, keep this sector as calm and clean as possible, don’t play any loud music and keep the TV (if this is the family room) with a lower volume than usual. Also make sure to get protection from robberies or break ins if your front door is facing in this direction.




For all of those who desire love and to find the “one” this is your month! Others will find you more attractive than usual. Be careful of too much water element energy here, this may attract a third party temptation. If you are a student and have big exams coming up, take this chance to display powerful symbols in this area.




This month we have double the misfortune in this sector, with one of the most unfortunate stars in the chart. Females will find themselves to be the most affected by this energy, which could cause illness or accidents. Carry protection charms and symbols to protect yourself.
Diminish the earth energy in this area and display the 5 Element pagoda and other powerful metal cures.




Incoming money seems to be falling from the sky! Activate this BIG FORTUNE by displaying wealth attractors, especially if your business, desk or cashier is located in this area. If your main entrance is facing North, display “wealth callers” to encourage this heavenly luck to enter and remain for the rest of the month. If you are starting a business and hope it rises, spend some time here and make efforts to keep it clean and free of clutter so that it rises to the top.




Both violent stars will attract threats of danges, violence and robberites. If you front door is located in this sector, make sure you are displaying your protection symbols to ensure security. If this is where you sleep or spend most of your time, as well as if you are an active person who drives or leaves the home often, take your protection charms with you. The matriarch of the family will be the most affected. Don’t overwork now and avoid metal objects in this area.




This is the luckiest sector of the month! The 8 will bring your wealth and prosperity in great scales! Spend time in this sector and make Feng Shui efforts to enhance your abundance luck this month. Main entrances in the East will benefit greatly as well as businesses in this location.




Auspicious energy will rise this month. For those of you looking to uplift your fame and reputation, this is your chance! As well as those looking for a new career or promotions. Love and romance will also be at its peak in this area. Enhance it, as this area will also help nurture relationships.



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