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Jade Plant & Succulent- Meaning and Benefits

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 3rd May 2019

Jade Plant & Succulents- Meaning and BenefitsThe jade plant is a succulent type of plant that is very easy to grow and care for with many unique benefits and meanings to offer. These tiny, charmi … read more

Feng Shui your Home According to its Facing Direction

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 18th Apr 2019

FENG SHUI YOUR HOME ACCORDING TO ITS FACING DIRECTION WITH BUDDHA INVOCATORSMain entrances are the main portals in which energy is transmuted into the household. Feng Shui masters insist on the proper … read more

Feng Shui 2019 Positive & Negative Areas for the Year

Posted by Sarah UFS on 7th Jan 2019

Feng Shui 2019 Positive and Negative AreasFeng Shui masters advise that you update your Feng Shui cures and placements every year because of the astrological shifts and energy after a New Year begins. … read more


Posted by Sarah UFS on 28th Dec 2018

FENG SHUI 2019 ZODIAC FORECASTSWhat's in store for you this 2019?Like every year, we love to update you on your personal luck according to the astrological shifts shown in the charts. Practicing perso … read more

2019 Chinese Zodiac Good Luck Charms

Posted by Sarah UFS on 28th Dec 2018

2019 MUST-HAVE ZODIAC LUCKY CHARMS Year after year, because of astrological shifts, everyone's personal luck changes, and depending on what year you were born in, each sign will have their own pe … read more