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Feng Shui 2019 Positive & Negative Areas for the Year

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Feng Shui 2019 Positive and Negative Areas
Enhance the greatness, subdue the unfavorable.

Feng Shui masters advise that you update your Feng Shui cures and placements year after year because of the astrological shifts and energy after a New Year begins. 

Every year, there are natual changes in the Universe, and taking that into your own enviornment year after year, helps the energy renew itself. Transforming positive energy into the keys to new opportunities, auspiciousness and harmony.

The best way to do this is by guiding yourself by the yearly Flying Star Feng Shui. Which are astrological stars that shift year after year and fall into certain areas of your home and life. 

If you have a Bagua Map done in your home, simply use it to know where the areas are in your home. If you don’t you can easily do this with a compass. Read how to here.

Positive Feng Shui areas in 2019:

West- #1 Victory Star: This lucky star represents winning and success over competition.
If you are on the look out for victory and triumph in your career or other areas in life, this is the area you need to enhance.
If your bedroom is located in the West, you will also enjoy victory luck, if you are in a leadership position and your office is in the West, activate the powerful fortune energy this star can bring you.
Feng Shui Enhancers for #1 Star.

North- #4 Love and Scholastic Star: Romance will be the main energy at work in this area, a very important one during 2019! This star brings Peach Blossom Luck which has to do with compatibility and love.

This area will be filled with powerful fortune luck all year-round, reap the benefits with the appropriate cures and enhancers, especially if your main entrance, main rooms or bedrooms are located in the North and specially if you’re looking for scholastic growth and success. Feng Shui Enhancers for #4 Star.

East- #6 Heavenly Star: This exceptional star brings with it the benefits of heavenly energies and celestial quality.

Once this part of the home or room gets properly energized with Feng Shui, the entire household will enjoy savoring a smooth year.
Failures or setbacks will not cause you unhappiness and you will “know” how to get through anything, it is a star of powerful mentoring and guidance. 
Feng Shui Enhancers for #6 Star.

Center- #8 Future Prosperity Star: During the year 2019, the center of any home or room will be vital since the magnificent 8 will be located here.
The #8 stands for current prosperity and auspiciousness and we are more than lucky to have it in the center stage this year to enjoy its benefits!

In order to maximize the effect of the 8 fill the center of every important room with much yang energy. Which you can get through Feng Shui enhancers and the color RED. Feng Shui Enhancers for #8 Star.

Northwest #9 Completion Star: This high-frequency star creates the energy of prosperity and multiplication in the near future. In numerology, the #9 symbolizes multiplication and accompanied by Feng Shui energy, this makes anyone sleeping, working or homes facing in this direction, extremely prone to the magnification energy. The previous seeds of prosperity we have planted will begin to grow with the activation of the #9, a FIRE star, which will indicate great wealth luck for the future. Feng Shui Enhancers for #9 Star.

Positive Feng Shui areas in 2019:

Northeast- #2 Illness Star: This star is a Yang Earth star and is especially strong during year 2019 because an Earth Element star flies into an Earth sector.

If your main bedroom, rooms, or main entrance is located here, you must take your time and subdue the effects as soon as you can. This star will bring illness and sickness and weakness to those already ill. Feng Shui Cures for #2 Star.

South- #3 Quarrelsome Star: This star brings with it the vibrations of arguments, fights and lawsuits. It can be very dangerous as it can turn any peaceful situation into an awful one from one moment to another, small arguments can become bigger ones and legal issues can be easier to attract.

The #3 will bring trouble to those in South bedrooms and homes/entrances facing in this direction. However, everyone must be careful of any negative star, especially if prone to legal trouble or big arguments that may be blown out of proportion. Feng Shui Cures for #3 Star.

Southwest- #5 Misfortune Star: This misfortune star will bring negative luck and vibrations to families in 2019 landing in the SOUTHWEST. Specially strong this year, it will mostly affect bedrooms, main rooms and houses facing in this direction. 

Being an Earth element sector and an Earth Star makes this star even more unfortunate, all cures placed in the home to combat this star need to be especially effective and powerful. 

This year's Pagoda is especially designed for the powerful energy coming off this sector during 2019. The three colors of Metal will be needed as the Wu Wang is weakened by this, because of its Earth ruling element and in an Earth sector. Feng Shui Cures for #5 Star.

Southeast- #7 Burglary and Betrayal- The #7 Star arrives with the dangers of betrayal, violence, robbery and aggressive behaviors especially for those residing in a room facing the Southeast. 

It affects and may impact on anyone spending time in this direction. Dangers of being betrayed by good friends and business partners will be prone to occur. 

All families residing in a Southeast facing home must be careful and stay protected with anti-burglary amulets, including carrying one into the car. Households residents are the most vulnerable of robberies and violence happenings at home during 2019! Feng Shui Cures for #7 Star.


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