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Black Onyx and Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning

Black Onyx and Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning

Discover the meanings behind these two precious stones!

In Chinese culture, black onyx represents longevity, while tiger eye symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Black Onyx and Tiger Eye Bracelets have been used by many cultures throughout history as symbols of protection and good luck. Black Onyx and tiger eye bracelets are popular because they represent strength and power. Learn more about their symbolism!

The black onyx stone represents protection and strength.

Black onyx is an opaque variety of quartz crystal used for personal protection.

The tiger eye stone symbolizes courage and bravery.

The Tiger eye stone brings good luck and prosperity.


Both stones have been used as protective amulets since ancient times.

This powerful combination of Black Onyx and Tiger Eye, is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. They are also associated with love, friendship, and loyalty. It is said to protect against evil spirits, negative energies and psychic attacks..

Native Americans have used Tiger eye for centuries. They believe that tigers were once human beings who became powerful and wise. Tigers are also associated with the sun and fire.