Big Money Bull Amulet

Big Money Bull Amulet

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Carry this Big Money Bull Amulet to capture lucrative opportunities and attract compounding success and wealth! is a great way to extract the auspicious energy of the #8 Wealth Star which will help kick-start big prosperity luck, generate maximum returns in the stock market, increase your net worth and augment your wealth! It is empowered with the Prosperity Amulet and Wealth Yantra. This Feng Shui key-chain makes an excellent wealth enhancer for those in business and who invest in the stock market.

The Ox/Bull is a potent emblem of strength, power, resources and financial stability. With its muscular and a set of sharp horns it is said to promote forceful financial gain. Echoing the Wall Street Bull, it holds the subliminal message "May the market bull for you!". During times of recession and economic downfall, the Ox statuette is used in many homes believed to increase income luck and gain strength for success.

Metal charm measure 3.5" L