Today we want to write about abundance, prosperity, lucre. It seems that everyone wants more money, opportunity, wealth but how many of us actually invite abundance into not just our lives, but our homes? We need to change our approach to this.

It is time to make a money altar

One of the first things that we ask people when we get on the subject of making moneykeeping cash, and letting the good times roll–is–what is on your money altar?

And often the reply is some version of “huh?”

Creating space in your physical dwelling for money, prosperity, and abundance as you understand them is advised in all of them. If we cannot be bothered to dedicate a tiny bit of space to honoring the abundant good things in life, then we have already shut so many doors without every peeking to see what treasures might be behind them. What a terrible thing!

 So, here are step by step instructions that can assist you in creating a beautiful space to honor abundance, attract money, and engage with real prosperity.

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Key items for your Money Altar