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Feng Shui Eight Petal Mirror

Amulet to stay safe from physical harm & accidents

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This talisman acts a powerful deflector and remedy against the Violent #7 star.
A must-have tool for the eldest son, rabbit born and people residing in homes facing SOUTHEAST in 2019. 
This Eight Petals Lotus amulet of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri is one of the most potent defense amulets for protecting one from physical harm brought by dangerous and violent people, as well as spiritual harm from malevolent spirits. It also protects one from premature death. Carry it with you always to stay safe from robbery, burglary, and accidents. 

Carry this charm in your handbag or car.
Metal charm/keychain, measure: 1.5" Diam x 3" L. Total length: 5"