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#9 M A G N I F Y I N G  S T A R  F L I E S  T O  T H E  N O R T H W E ST


The #9 will be flying to the Northwest during the year 2019. This high-frequency star creates the energy of prosperity and multiplication in the near future. In numerology, the #9 symbolizes multiplication and accompanied by Feng Shui energy, this makes anyone sleeping or working in this sector and homes facing in this direction, extremely prone to the magnification energy. The previous seeds of prosperity we have planted will begin to grow with the activation of the #9, a FIRE element star which will indicate great wealth luck for the future. 

The #9 will benefit all patriarchs or leaders of the family, activating this energy will make them more creative and wealthy.

A good idea for the year is to start symbolically accumulating wealth under this star’s location every year. This can symbolize your children’s economic stability in the future as well. You can do this by creating a Wealth Pot or Bowl that you can place in the Northwest and every year adding new wealth symbols such gold ingots, wealth coins tied in red cord and any other symbols of wealth.

Note: The Star of Small Auspicious has also flown to this area and you can enhance both star #9 and the Small Auspicious by placing a very powerful symbol here such The Four Great Kings,  an excellent choice to bring energy of fortune luck to the patriarch or leader of the family.

Warning: The Grand Duke or Tai Sui affliction will be located in this sector as well. So be wary not to let this affliction get in the way of your multiplication luck. Appease the Tai Sui in order to get the most out of the #9.