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# 8 W E A L T H   S T A R  F L I E S  T O  T H E  C E N T E R


During the year 2019, the center of any home or room will be vital since the magnificent 8 will be located here. The 8 brings with it the energy of RED meaning wealth and fortune as well as the Earth Element. Energizing the center sectors of your home, living room, bedroom or office will be important to enjoy the amazing energy this star has to give.

The #8 stands for current prosperity and auspiciousness and we are more than lucky to have it in the center stage this year to enjoy its benefits!
In order to maximize the effect of the 8 fill the center of every important room with much yang energy. Which you can get through Feng Shui enhancers and the color RED. Having Yang Energy means that the center areas can enjoy music, gatherings and be well lit. This is actually very important, since the number 8 will come to life with movement and activity bringing you maximum amounts of fortune and wealth.