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8 Immortals crossing The Great Waters

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The 8 immortals symbolize 8 kinds of goodness coming into your life.  The 8 Immortals each guard one of the eight directions, so their presence in the home ensures all round good feng shui. 

A combination of two women and six men, they are higher beings who were summoned from heaven with the intents to help the human race with their endeavours, aiding them in achieving their objectives and providing them with the means to obtain riches, reputation, vigour and wisdom. When the Eight Immortals are displayed in your home, they will create an environment in which health, wealth and joy can be generated.

Each of the Eight Immortals possesses a different object of power which is able to practise mystical magic. Below are the qualities of each Immortal:

First Immortal: “Chung-Li Chuan”, the icon of longevity, is known as the leader of the immortals. This is due to the fact that he is the one who discovered the Elixir of Life and has the capability to cure the ill and bring life back to the dead. His special tool is a magical fan, and occasionally a peach.

Second Immortal: “Chang Kuo-Lao”, the symbol of wisdom, is an old man with the power to create a child for couples who have been unsuccessfully trying. He holds a bamboo tube, and is seen upon a mule which can take him as far as a thousand miles in a single day.

Third Immortal: “Lu Dong-Pin”, the icon of scholastic success and safeguarding, is a Taoist academic who exterminates malicious spirits and monsters with his magic sword. He also carries with him a fly-whisker, which can cure diseases and create health.

Fourth Immortal: “Ts’ao Guao-Chiu”, is the symbol of distinction and reputation. He was affiliated with the Sung Imperial family, and so is the best dressed in comparison to the other Immortals. He keeps with him a jade tablet of permission to court, and also a delicate feather fan.

Fifth Immortal: “Li T’ieh Guai”, also known as “Iron Crutch Li”, is a poor beggar burdened with a crutch and a Wu Lou. Despite his poverty, he is regarded as the most influential of the Eight immortals, because he has the capability to create wisdom. He is often seen with a deer as a companion.

Sixth Immortal: “Han Hsiang Tzu”, is the most joyful of the Eight Immortals, and is able to create healing energy to cure ailments. He is depicted as playing the flute that he carries with him.

Seventh Immortal: “Lan T’sai Ho” is one of the women Immortals, and so brings good fortune to young women. She is depicted with a basket of fresh flowers in tow.

Eighth Immortal: “He Hsien Ku” is the other woman Immortal, and is the icon of luck in relation to marriage and family establishment. She is known as the “Immortal Maiden”, and holds a mystical lotus blossom as well as a fly-whisk.

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