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#7 B E T R A Y A L  S T A R  F L I E S  T O  T H E  S O U T H E A S T


Violent Star #7 is flying to the southeast of every home or residence affecting directly those born in years of Snake and Dragon. Any rooms facing in this direction will also be affected, specially bedrooms.

The #7 Star arrives with the dangers of betrayal, violence, robbery and aggressive behaviors especially for those residing in a room facing the Southeast. It affects and may impact on anyone spending time in this direction. Dangers of being betrayed by good friends and business partners will be prone to occur. If you sleep in a SOUTHEAST room, consider sleeping in a different room if possible, or install the proper cures, Double horned Rhino or the Blue Rhino and Elephant against this affliction.

All families residing in a Southeast facing home must be careful and stay protected with anti-burglary amulets, including carrying one into the car. Households residents are the most vulnerable of robberies and violence happenings at home during 2019.

Display cures to stay protected from harm and getting burgled.
Clip on a talisman onto your bag or carry the anti-burglary card size in your wallet or pocket.

For business, hang the anti-robbery plaque with the Blue Rhino and Elephant on the southeast wall or run the Elephant Water Fountain to keep robbers at bay, and apply anti-robbery stickers at the entrance and back door.

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