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This misfortune star will bring negative luck and vibrations to families in 2019 landing in the SOUTHWEST. Specially strong this year, it will mostly affect bedrooms, main rooms and houses facing in this direction. Being an Earth element sector and an Earth Star makes this star even more unfortunate, all cures placed in the home to combat this star need to be especially effective and powerful.
The astrological signs that will be most affected are the Sheep and Monkey. If you are well-versed in Feng Shui you will know the effects this star can have, it will be crucial to have cures displayed in order to prevent this energy from spreading to other areas of your life.

This year's Pagoda is especially designed for the powerful energy coming off this sector during 2019. The three colors of Metal will be needed as the Wu Wang is weakened by this, because of its Earth ruling element and in an Earth sector. The Pagoda is also strengthened by the powerful mantras at its base. Truly a piece of artwork and energy at once. When placing the 5 Element Pagoda in the Southwest, think intentionally that the OM AH HUM will turn this affliction into white blessings.

Note that if your office, bedroom or main entrance is facing the Southwest, cures must be placed before February 4th 2019.

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