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#4 L O V E  &  S T U D I E S  S T A R  F L I E S  T O  T H E  NORTH 


Romance will be the main energy at work in this area, a very important one during 2019! This star brings Peach Blossom Luck which has to do with compatibility and love. The zodiac signs who will be most benefited by this amazing energy are the Rabbit, Boar and Sheep. The trinity of these signs will be greatly beneficial for marriage luck, so if you are planning on setting a date, this might just be your year!

Moreover, this star is being backed up by three other lucky stars brought by the 24 Mountains, which are two Big Auspicious flanking over a Small Auspicious. This area will be filled with powerful fortune luck all year-round, reap the benefits with the appropriate cures and enhancers, especially if your main entrance, main rooms or bedrooms are located in the North. One way you can enjoy the good fortune is to display a wonderful water feature to symbolize yang water energy, this will activate the 3 Auspicious lucky stars. If you’re lucky enough, you have a pond or swimming pool in the North!